Your mother’s friend was shocked when they saw a picture of Jamie and noticed that her great-grandson was black? Oh! like it was the last thing they expected! And they say it as though she might not have noticed herself? The garbage that comes out of some people’s mouths. They probably wanted to say, ”How did this little black kid become one of your grandkids?” She tried to cover it up when she realized she put her foot in her mouth. It’s not unusual. I guess she just didn’t expect her friend to have a half black grandson in her family. Then she says something like, “I would love to have him in my family, too.” Good try. ( Sonni says: That sounds patronizing, doesn’t it? If we went back 150 years ago when there were slaves on plantations and a white person from a plantation saw a slave family and went up to a child, patted him on the head, and said how cute he was, like a puppy. )
I really don’t care for a person who is color blind, or anyone who has a problem with someone of color. I don’t care what someone’s race is. I don’t judge someone by the color of their skin. Whoever does this can kiss my ass. Some of the black dudes here talk about whites. When they ask me what I think about whites I tell them that my son is half white. Then they walk off. I don’t see color. The people who do are stupid and full of shit. There are a lot of racist people here. Even some of the officers are racist. Well, enough about this.

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