This upset me. It isn’t fair and it isn’t right. I left the other unit I was in. I was moved to Huntsville prison. Forty-five other inmates were transferred, too. I was told to pack up my property. I did. It’s what the officers did that got me so angry. They took our property and went through it and then threw a lot of our stuff away. There is nothing we can do about it because they did give us a property paper to show we had ownership, it just didn’t have everything on it. So to them it looks like we never had it in the first place. They threw most of my paper away, some of my books and letters, and I noticed later that some of my pictures were missing, too. I was six pages into a letter I was writing to you and they threw that away, too. Why?? What was the point of doing that other than to show us what an asshole they are and can get away with it. Isn’t stealing a crime? Doesn’t that show what kind of people they are? They need to be in here right beside us. But the thing that sucks is that there is nothing I can do about it. I have been real pissed about that situation.

On the first of this month there was a deadline for anyone who wanted to send paper or envelopes to us through Amazon or other businesses. Now there is a corporation supplying paper to the commissary and we have to buy it there. They will charge more. But the businesses have to make more profit, don’t they? It’s such a rip off. I think that was why they threw away my paper. It would force me to spend what little money I have to buy more. But my books? Why throw away my books or take my picures. It really burns me up.


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