When we are kids we only know what people tell us. We don’t know we should ask questions or what those questions should be. I never had a father and I never thought about it. Would I have turned out different if I had a father? I never asked my mom about him and she didn’t tell me anything. I never thought to ask anything. What would she have told me anyway? It was just the way it was at my house. There were four of us kids and each one of us had a different father. I didn’t think it was unusual. I just had my mom and she did everything she could to take care of us. She worked hard. I guess at that time I really didn’t care to ask. How did I learn things about life? I guess I learned from everywhere. School and home and street friends.

(Sonni’s note: karma is a strange thing. There is so much that happens in life we just don’t see until we look back. There were 4 children with 4 dads in Jamie’s life. His son, also named Jamie is in a household with 4 children with 4 dads. It would be easy to say it is just a coincidence. Christianity mentions “the sins of the father…”, which means karma. Buddhism also teaches that karma is passed down through families. Just food for thought.)


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