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I really don’t like speaking about race because I don’t know the real reason why blacks are still treated the way we are. I have some information that came out of the 2014 almanac you got me. In 2011, whites, age (18-19) were locked up 166 times. Blacks 1,544. Ages (20-24) white 712 and blacks 4,702. Ages (25-29) white 1,074 and black 6,883. Ages (30-34) white 1,115 and black 7,573. Look at the difference between blacks and whites and that was just three years ago.

( Sonni’s note: I know that these numbers, because they are this low, are not anywhere near the total people incarcerated. It was probably a certain percentage of the population. It does show that black people are incarcerated at a rate of 6 times the amount of whites. It shows that there is a very big racial unfairness. I was listening to the radio show NPR this morning. They were talking about how much the older ( mostly) white male population don’t like minorities having the same privileges they do. It is why they have fought so hard against women having even the same rate of pay. White men on average think they should have more and in greater percentages than anyone else. It’s not my opinion. It is in black and white ( no pun intended) Blacks, as it is in other minorities. They are punished more often and with longer and harder sentences.)

Crazy huh? It’s slavery. The government can do what they want with us. They always have. Looking at just the numbers it looks like whites are better than us on average, More intelligent, more deserving, but they aren’t. They just want to lock us up and make money off us. Or maybe to get us away from them. They enslave us. Whites, blacks and Hispanics. All races.

In other states the inmates get paid for working, but that’s a cover up. In Texas they say we get good time and it goes towards our parole. Bullshit!! Do you know how many people have come up for parole with years of good time and these people still don’t give them parole? Slavery!! But get this. It’s crazy. You might even laugh.

We – the inmates – we’re the ones who keep the prisons up and running. Crazy, huh? The people who are locked up do everything. Wash clothes, cut grass, cook, fix the toilets. Everything. The officers just sit and watch. They make money babysitting grown men.

One thing, though, that makes this unit so bad is the Africans who work here. These men are crazy. They talk lots of shit. Most of them are from Nigeria. They hate blacks, even though they are black, too. Before you ask why, your guess is as good as mine. What they fail to understand is if they get in any trouble they will be treated just like all the rest of the blacks.

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