I have good news! Remember I told you about not getting my G4 because of that dude? I said I would write him up for what he did, refusing to let me go to UCC. The guard actually told me I wasn’t on the list so they didn’t take me. I have been giving them my best without getting a case but they will do anything to lie and keep you down. Well, I wrote him up. I also wrote to the warden, the major and the ICC case manager. So they brought me back up to see UCC on Monday 6/9/14. I stood up for myself. I spoke with the major and the case manager. They gave me my G4 back! It’s only one step above ad seg but it’s a start. I have a few privileges.

It’s okay over here.  I don’t really do much talking. I go to chow, rec and the day room and then back to my cell.  Oh, I have to tell you this.  The showers are UNDER the prison!  They let out all four rows at one time.  They send us to the shower that is two flights of stairs under the prison.  It’s a huge area.  It looks like it would hold 20-25 cars.  It’s big! This is the crazy part.  These dudes talk to each while they’re naked!  Standing next to each other! Not me,  I shower and get the hell out.  Here’s another crazy thing.  In the day room they have a pisser.  I don’t know what these people were thinking when they built this place.  Oh, it gets crazier at rec.  I played two games of basketball.  Others lift weight and play handball.  Tell me why there were fools naked in the yard? Lol.  They were taking wash offs.  The wing I’m on has older me, some with canes.  About half the people are really up in age.

This unit is old, from the 1800′s. They showed me the room where they used to hang people by the wrists to the wall for punishment. There are four blocks. B1-4. Each block has four rows with 25 cells on each row. There is no AC. They have two big fans on each end of the run on every floor. It blows around nothing but dust and hot air. Each fan is bolted to the floor. The cells are small. I can sit up on my bunk, open my arms and touch my psalms to both walls. I don’t have a cellie. It’s just me. If I did have a cellie only one of us could be up at the same time. There are bars on the cells, like the Green Mile, but they welded something like chicken wire over the bars. There’s a food slot on the door and six shelves above the top bunk and the door. They for me and the for the cellie if I had one. No matter what cell I get moved to I will always be registered on the bottom bunk. If I were to lay with my head away from the door I would be looking right at the toilet seat. Bummer. There is no table in the cell. I have to write my letters on the bunk.

The food is always cooked in population. They bring it  to the small kitchen. That’s where they fix the trays. All the food is in big pans. After they fix the trays they put them in carriers. About 5 or 6 of them. Each one holds 7 trays. Before they feed us they pass out water or tea. I don’t drink this tea. They also have KoolAid but from what I read it can give you cancer later in life so I don’t drink it. They have a sign in the chow saying this. And I really don’t like to drink the water but I get ice water sometime.

When they serve the food they always go to the back and work their way up all the floors. The three months I’ve been here they’ve been working on the day room to turn it into a little chow hall. Each block will have their own. They put tables in them and they will serve the food in there. No one else will have this I don’t think. But the way they serve us is not cool. When they feed us with the carriers it’s 2 in 2 out which means that 2 carriers will be sitting at the bottom of the stairs unattended on whatever row they’re feeding until they empty the other two. Bad. Bad. This place has roaches bad. They’re everywhere. Sometimes the food sits for five minutes or more, but you either eat it or you don’t eat at all.

Now, about the showers. Some units have 12 showers and the others have 8. Those with 12 have 2 shifts and those with 8 have 3 shifts. The first two rows will shower in the morning and the other two rows will shower in the evening. They rotate the next day. We have to go the showers in handcuffs.
They call rec every day for two hours. You go in a cage with a basketball hoop and a pull bar. Ten people in each cage. When we get pulled out for rec we aren’t put into handcuffs. Crazy. No sense. But things are better for me than what they were. It needs to keep going in this direction.

Things are fine, though. I’m just a little tired. I’ve been like that for awhile. I sit up all night thinking. I think about Jamie a lot. I hoped I might get a visit on father’s day but I know I’m not. His birthday is coming up soon. Maybe he could come and see me then. That’s just a hope and wish.

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