2 thoughts on “In My Prison Whites

  1. Tammy, if you want to follow the blog go to the main website page to follow. You only followed comments of this post. I don’t have a lot of comments yet so it could be awhile to have more comments on just this one page. You are missing anything new that I post.


  2. I heard about this on MISS this is an awesome site I wish I could print some of these things an d send them to my son. I’m so sorry for the bull SHIT they do to people in jail my son is looking at 25yrs for murder. Reading your blog is scarring the SHIT out of me but I need to know. His sister and brother don’t write him either his dad wants nothing to do with him. I’m hoping I can help cause I’m all he has at this point. He is so angry with the system and rightly so he is only 21 so I’m hoping he will stay strong and get some sense about him. Again thank you and keep on writing it does help you helped me thank you TAMMY

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