(Sonni’s note: Prison Guard brutality. There is no other way to phrase it. If you get off on kicking people around, then being a prison guard is the right choice of a job for you.  I’m not saying that all prison guards are like that, but there are enough of them like that, and I have read enough experiences about the brutal way many inmates are treated for me to think it’s the norm not the exception. And it’s legal. So why not? Kick a little ass. Have some fun and not get in trouble? Why not?)

Hello mom, how are you?  As for me I’ve been through a lot in such a little time. But I’ll get to that later.  How was your trip to Maine with your mom to your family reunion? New England seems nice in the postcards you sent me.  Walking along the beach sounds like such a relaxing thing  to do.  The clear water and the salty smell of the beach.  Speaking of the beach, Melvin and I talked about how he like the beach in Hawaii. It sounds like such a lovely place to be.  He told me a lot about it.  At your family reunion, how was it, meeting so many people for the first time? Meeting people that were nine generations back all coming from the same man.  Were you nervous?  Did you get along?  It’s good to know your family and have roots. I don’t have those roots.  I don’t even know who my own father was.

I had a few letters from Megan.  She was telling me about when you were telling her I was a Buddhist.  She said, yeah, right.  So to get back at her I told her I was a Muslim.  I wanted to see how she would react to the statement.  I had to have a little fun with it.  She wrote saying that if I was a Muslim then we definitely can’t be together because she is WHITE and she EATS PORK!!  You know, I laughed and shook my head.  Mainly because she told me she was white.  What does color and race have to do with anything?  She signed her letter, Audri, which is her middle name, so I signed my letter to her, Roger, which is my middle name.  Wonder what she’ll read into that?  We have to find humor when we can. I study a lot of religions to have a good understanding.  It’s like going to school.  We study more than one subject to learn and get a good understanding of each subject.  I have a book I’m reading called, “Many Goals One Path”.  It’s a good book.  It gives basics on each religion.  I can see if that fits with the Nichiren Buddhism I’m studying.  Anyway, to answer anyone’s question, no I am not a Muslim.

Here is what happened to me.  Say, about a week ago,  I had forgotten my boots at the shower area.  I asked if I could check and see if they were still there.  Long story short, and officer who is a sucker for the women like most males, will do anything to get their attention.  This fool grabs me by the back of my shirt.  I asked him to let me go and he goes crazy and gets in my face talking shit.  I ask him again to get his hands off me.  Everybody is watching this, even his ranking officer.  He pulls on me and I asked him for a third time to get his hands off me.  He goes off again.  So now I’m pissed.  I tried to do things the right way.  So I sit my things on the seat of the window and as I’m about to go off, the lady he was with asks me to step back.  Knowing I’ve come a long way and I’m gonna lose that if I do anything, I step back.  The law gets in my face provoking me.  She asks again for me to step back.  I do.  The Stg comes and asks me to face the wall.  I do.  Guess what he did? Put handcuffs  on me! He told me he was locking me up!   I asked him for what?  He said, stopping traffic in the hallway.
SQ sm cages

I was placed in a small cage.  I started crying because I knew, just knew I was fixin’ to go back down hill.   I was sure I was gonna go to Ad Seg again.  Back to solitary.  However that officer came and got me out of lock up talking some crazy shit about 0 to 80.  I know he came and got me out, because he knew he was wrong.  Otherwise I’d be in lock up right now.  I’ve had a lot of trouble come my way.

(Sonni’s note:  Being a prison guard, like being a cop, changes you. You go into the job one way an become another.  Power over people and knowing you can get away with it.  It makes it so hard for those incarcerated who are trying to not get in trouble.  They just want to do their time and hope to have a good life when they get out.  Not everyone is a criminal in the sense of what we think a criminal is. During these years of knowing Jamie and trying to be there with him during the toughest times as best I could, it makes me angry when I see that it is the people employed by our justice system who are the ones who are committing the crimes. And there is nothing that can be done about it.  It is the perfect place for a person to work if he enjoys kicking people just for the sake of kicking them.  I’ve “watched” Jamie mature through his 20’s and now through his 30’s.  He is a product of his environment and the perfect example of what happens when there is no father and the mother has to work so hard to provide and no one is watching. He has paid with his life, and there is really nothing bad that he has done.  Being poor and black is his crime.  Mass incarceration.  Another form of slavery.)

When Melvin came we had a good visit.  We talked about a lot of different things.  Sports, politics, news. We talked about goals I have set.  We talked about him.  He’s been good friend.  Besides you, the only one I have.


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