One thought on “Jamie’s picture last year

  1. I have watched this man grow from a confused, scared young man who was trying to figure out what he did in his life to end up here. I don’t mean the details of the physical things, but what was inharently in his life that pulled him in to the wrong places at the wrong time. I watched him become a mature man who is focused on the things that are important to him, to fix in his mind the future he wants which is mainly to be a good father to his son. It takes more than just wanting to be a good father, you have to have the wisdom to know what decisions to make. When he is finally set free, whatever year that is, there will be huge hole in his life experiences when he re-enters the world that will have changed. This man is a good man, with caring about others taking up a huge part of his heart. I hope the day will soon come when I will actually be able to give him a hug.


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