I watched this several times trying to imagine myself in this same situation. It’s easy to empathize with this man and say, “What a horrible thing it was to have to go through this.” Now watch it and pretend it is you. Tell me – How would you feel, especially if you were locked up like this year after year with no hope in sight. You’re a forgotten piece, of humanity except to a couple people if you’re lucky. Try to imagine having to go back out into society after this. Now imagine you’ve been in there for decades. You’ve grown old. Your mental acuity is gone. Your health is shot. The prison no longer wants to “care” for you so they dump you out onto the streets with 50 bucks, and 30 days worth of meds, and you are supposed to pick the pieces of a life that no longer exists and much of it is nothing at all like the world you once knew. Think about this.

It has been determined that it only takes 15 days for your brain to start deteriorating from the isolation. Paranoia sets in. If you already have problems mentally in any form it is going to deteriorate fast. Depression sets in. Jamie was in solitary confinement for a total of about 4 years. We wrote letters constantly. I was the voice that told him to hang on and made sure he knew his life had value.

He’s out of solitary now, which is also called ad seg or G5. When they classify you as G5 it takes a lot of hard work to not let it get to you and keep your sanity and not let trouble find you. He is now in G2 and I am waiting patiently for my very first phone call.

I recently saw another YouTube video about the children locked up. 22 states in the US allow children as young as 7 to be tried in adult court and segregated in adult prisons, ‘for their their protection’


They took away any progress he made. He will have to work again to get any privileges back. He had applied to take his GED and now that hope is most likely gone. Somehow, to me, it seems deliberate. When he comes up for parole again in Oct, 2016, and he is unable to show he’s been able to better himself it gives reason to not grant it. But if is unable to learn anything what are his chances of survival? This is why I’m writing the book “Inside the Forbidden Outside”.


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Subscribe to the newsletter on prison issues and inmate writings. As I build my mailing list for the book I’m writing about Jamie Cummings life, Inside The Forbidden Outside, keeping people informed along the way is important. Most of the information in the newsletter is not on this blog. We have a government now more gung-ho on locking up as many people as they can for even longer years.  It is going to affect even more people who will get knocked sideways when they find themselves behind a steel door. Staying informed helps you protect yourself. Yes, it can happen to you, too.

If you know an inmate who writes poetry or is an artist or has a story you’d like to tell you can email me at: itfonews@gmail.com

Jamie Life in Prison at Face book . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world

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9 thoughts on “Watch – What Five Years in Solitary Can Do To a Man

    1. Thank you Jake. And thank you for reading some of Jamie’s letters. By bringing this story out into the light it gives value to what he goes through, if it helps to open other people’s eyes.


  1. Wonderful! I hope you’ll speak on the phone rather sooner than later. Yes the outcasts of the american drean… still writing with all my penpals I really feel what you’re speaking about. Send my best wishes to Jamie and you, keep strong. You’re great. Have a happy new year, i wish you the best Anne-Valerie


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. My phone was just approved two days ago for him to be able to call. What a process they make you go through to prove you own the phone. They said it could be up to 5 more days before he gets word that he can call. I’ve waited a long time for this. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to convince my daughter to sign her phone up yet, and that is really the first call he will want to make – to speak to his son. As for your penpals – it seems that all I ever do anymore is write because as soon as get done writing to one, it’s time to write to another, and then on to another post! But it’s a commitment we make that they count on.


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