Writing from Armando Macias, San Quentin Death Row

Sonni Quick

Adversity reveals us to ourselves and others. What you do with that information is what really matters. Adversity is a result of freewill in humanity, so you might as well accept it. Humanity is called for in acceptance of bitter results. Just because you have solid principles and noble values doesn’t gaurantee you victory. Adversity is the why-how-when-where of life’s friction that polishes your life. Adversity comes to us through family, friends and social circles; also in spiritual, emotional and physical danger. The danger of adversity lies in it’s effect on you. It can either poison you with bitterness over life’s unfairness or it makes you understanding and then compassionate towards others. When faced with adversity, don’t confuse prudence with cowardice. Act, and you’ll overcome your worries and fears. Humble yourself and acknowledge your faults. Do what it’s best in the grand scheme of things, even if it means sacrificing…

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