washer4I got my G2! It’s a lot better than G4. I get to come out and watch TV all day. On the weekend I get to stay out until 1:00 am for late night. I work in the laundry now. It’s a good job. Everyone has different jobs in the laundry. Some work the washers and dryers and others press the clothes. There’s folders and janitors. I do everything but work the washers and dryers. It’s pretty cool. I love it mom!

I put in for GED classes. I might be put on the waiting list. I don’t know yet. I’m waiting to find out. There’s other classes I’m going to put in for as well, but I want to get used to my hours at work first. I work Thurs-Sat 12 midnight to 8:30 am. I’ve slept for the past three days. I almost passed out at work. I went to the folding tables and went to sleep. It’s hard when I’m not used to it. That’s from being stuck in the cell so long. I’ll get past it.

I got a xmas card from Jamie ( sent by Megan) and my brother. I want you to get a hold of my family. I worked hard to get a contact visit. Even though I like G2, If I can’t get to see my son there’s no need to be G2.

(Sonni’s note: There are more reasons to be G2. He is just so desperate to see his son and feels that it’s not unreasonable to think that someone would make the effort to bring his son to see him. They both need that.

Before Christmas I was contacted by an organization called Angel Ministries. They had my name, but no phone number or address. The were able to reach me and came to visit. They wanted to buy Christmas presents for his son, in his name. They wanted to know Jamie Jr.’s sizes and what he likes.jamie xmas2 2015 Later that week they brought over wrapped presents for me to send. I sent them in a box, separate from other presents I was sending my daughter’s family, with the prison address on the box so his son would think they really came from him. They did, in a way. Jamie just didn’t go out and buy them. When his son got the box and saw they were from his dad, he was excited. He has never been able to have his father in his life and keeping this connection alive is very important for both their sakes.jamies xmas2014 He, like all sons, needs his father in his life.I don’t want my grandson to end up being another statistic. I read that black boys have a 50% chance of having their father spend time in prison growing up. He’s already part of that statistic. I didn’t want him to suffer any more from that than he already has.

Jamie needs to be G2 to make phone calls and no one but me has registered their phone yet. We’ve had a few phone calls and it was so good to finally hear his voice after all these years. I had forgotten he has such a strong Texas twang! He probably doesn’t even know he has one. lol.

Still it took a couple phone calls to get out the, “It’s so good to hear your voice” remarks, and be able to settle into a conversation. It’s been a long time waiting, to be able to have these calls. They only have 20 minutes to talk and the time sure does go by too fast.)

I want you to have Megan get my family’s phone number. I really want to get a visit and have someone bring my son to me! I want to talk to my mother. I want to talk to her about a lot of things. If you have to lie and say I’m sick, if that is what it takes to get someone to visit, then it’s cool. It might be the only way to get someone down here. But if you talk to my mom, remember that she’s taken on a lot taking care of my sister’s kids and now my cousins kid’s, too.

Man, it is sooo cold here. What is so bad is that they turned off the heaters. Sorry about my writing. It’s because it’s so cold. It’s 12:40 am right now. I’m sure you’re probably up. You’re a night rider.

This sure has been a long ride up and down. You of all people has been by my side the whole way. I, James R. Cummings want to thank you for all your help, encouragement and love you have given me all these years. Without you I know I would have been lost in this system a long time ago. However, with your help and encouragement, I had fallen down and you helped me up. Thank you.hands

I’m going to end this letter for now. I love you. Love always, Son

(Sonni’s note: Jamie didn’t know I had already talked to his mother. She’s coming to see him on his birthday in a couple days!)

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