ep seisureI am posting this from the Abolitionist Law Center because it is something  very important to me. You can read why when you read my reply at the end of the article. Jamie has epilepsy. I wouldn’t be able to post every letter he has written telling me about yet another seizure he had and what he thought might be reason he had it. An overwhelming number are caused by stress.

Often, someone knows when a seizure is about to happen and he can try to get in a safe place, but not always. The indignity he is show by the callousness of the guards is sickening. Too many people have so little regard for the life of an inmate, who is also a human being.

This article goes hand in hand with a recent post about the murders of several inmates where the guards were not held accountable for their actions, and it is the warden and the judge who determined that the guards we not at fault. Why is it that other murderers are incarcerated for the crimes they commit yet the staff who work for the prisons are let free to torture yet another inmate. Oh, maybe they’ll lose their job, but their nature, which allows them to think it’s okay to kill people, doesn’t go away just because they left the building. Other people will suffer because they are also very mentally ill. You can’t do things like that to people and not have it affect your life. Corizon, and CCA do it for profit which is just as sick. Prison deaths of this type are on their hands. There are links in this article. Educate yourself.

6 thoughts on “Allegheny County Jail Health Justice Project to Launch at Jail Oversight Board – meeting on Thursday

    1. I know. it isn’t pleasant and it makes you angry or upset. But people need to be aware that prison is not what they think it is. The cruelty that is allowed and gotten away with is betond my comprehension. The place where the law should be uphelp is the place it is the worst for not being upheld. Even when guards do this things their superiors, who don’t want to be charged with not being in control of their prsion lets them do it, and maybe fires them, but never have to pay the consequences like the people who do that were deemed guilty. I’m not saying all guards are like this, but those that are get away with it most of the time and no one bats an eye. Families are enraged, but it is seldom that they get any answers when it is mostly covered up.


  1. The question is which callous human being does this to a prisoner with epilepsy. I am no medical brain but could it be the case that the regular torture only serves to increase his seizures. Where is the human rights?

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    1. Yes, it does increase the seizures. How many seizures can a brain endure. he had his first one as he was being born. I imagine his childhood was hell. The prison could not care less than they do – with anyone with any kind of medical problem. You wonder how another human being could have so little humanity? This kind of job, being a prison guard which allows you to be cruel, is perfect with what I call the “world of animality” or simply, kick the dog syndrome. People who take things out on people because they think someone else is crapping on them.


    1. This is what I’ve been fighting. When I started writing letters to Jamie 9 years ago I knew nothing. Over time I learned more and more. That was when I decided I need to write a book and didn’t know how to get it together, so I started the blog. My knowledge increased until it became a passion – a purpose. I don’t expect everyone to take on that purpose like I did. I had someone on the inside that had to deal with it. I also have a man, Armando Macias on death row who has 3 writing at the pages on the top, and he also wrote “life’s cleaning Rag” I also have another grandson with a father in prison in San Quentin, hispanic, but although I want to start writing to him, I was never as close to him as Jamie. I also have so many writing projects that I think I even do it in my sleep!

      The best thing you can do with information like this is to reblog it and share it on your own social media. So many people who don’t know or they have a big misconseption about inmates, can learn. Yes, there are many who are really are bad people and should never get out, but there are just as many, if not more, who just screwed up or was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but they are not “criminals” per se. They need to be able to do a reasonable sentence and get out before they can no longer function in society because too many things have changed. Imagine getting out and not knowing how to pump gas or use a debit card? Sounds crazy, but it’s true.


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