This Youtube video made a very strong impression on me. It says what I have been saying all along. The reason why the police do what they do. They need to keep supplying the kids to the juvy system.

The money made from continuing the steady supply of people being processed into jail and then being railroaded into taking a plea by public defenders who work for the DA who works for the politcal system bought and paid for by the Prison Industrial system is too good to pass up.

This video shows how that process begins. It’s disgusting and it’s shameful. Many people thought the buying of people for profit ended with abolishing slavery. It didn’t. The white man just found a different way to enslave them.

It’s shameful that all the info out there for the American people to read and yet I still hear the words from some people saying “If you do the crime you got to do the time.”

Being guilty or innocent doesn’t matter any more. The police are not on your side. This scares me to death when I see the possibilities for when my two grandsons, who both have black fathers, and are going to grow up to be teenagers and it won’t matter if they are good kids or bad kids. The only thing important is the color of their skin.

By now, with everything that is managing to get into the media, it’s not possible for anyone to think it’s a fluke or to think there are more black criminals than white ones, and there is something inherently bad about people of color that gives them an extra reason to be criminals over white people. There isn’t. White people don’t get sought out, charged and sentenced with the same crimes. They don’t get pulled over more or slammed up a wall just because they are white and their only problem is walking down the street being looked at with suspician, also, just because they are white. White people wouldn’t put up with that indignity, especially if they did nothing wrong.

So let me bring this video to your attention and you share it with everyone on your own social media sites. let them know this is very real and it needs to stop.

3 thoughts on “Watch – “Broken Windows” – Police Brutality

    1. Sometimes it seems like a lost cause because it just goes on and on – but then I wake up another day and continue the fight to educate people to fight together and stead of against each other. Then maybe we can change things,


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