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In addition to being a writer, I am foremost a musician. My instrument is piano and I have played for 53 of my 60 years, and have taught for 42 years. I spent years singing and playing piano in piano bars and with various bands. I had to give that up 13 years ago due to health problems, but after that, my music changed. I no longer played what other people have written and play only what comes from me. I only improvise, and sometimes I’m lucky enough to have a way to record it when I’m playing at home. I still stop at every piano I see in any club or piano setting and play for free. Now I write music for this website. Music is on some of the posts. I like to close my eyes, preferably in a pitch dark room so I have no distractions and play whatever emotion I’m feeling. To me, it’s not only about the notes you hear being played, but also the spaces in between where the sound of the notes come together.

Then I don’t listen to it for a few days. When I play it back and I am sometimes amazed by what I hear because the emotion is there. I can’t repeat anything I record. I would just sit and play something else. Here is a link to the last post that has my most recent recording: There is a link at the menu button on the top of the main page that has a link that says piano music links. After that, the most important post to read starts with “I want to encourage you. . .” the entrance to the blog that tells you how to navigate it..

When my book, InsideOut, is released, I want to include with it, a CD of the music I have written and posted on this site. It is strange knowing that more people have heard the music of Sonni Quick this past year on the internet then they ever did before when I was playing live.  Maybe it is my second chance. For quite a long time, I thought my identity was gone. Not being able perform and spend time in recording studios anymore was a loss where I felt much grief, as if a leg had been cut off. For so many years my identity was that of a musician and I didn’t feel I had the right to call myself that anymore. Who was I? It was a difficult question to answer. It has taken awhile to realize that identity didn’t disappear, it was just hiding until I found it again.

After nearly losing my life due to liver disease and cancer, making the most of my life now has changed my perspective. Jamie helped me through that illness and recuperation and being confined to my bed for nearly three years. His letters of encouragements were something I looked forward to. As soon as I was well enough and I could type again. ( I had to relearn many things) I started writing and also My music has all been inspired by my feelings when I write about Jamie. Many are sad because it sometimes gets overwhelming when the writing gets heavy. That is when I go to the piano and play. Now I can just plug my piano into my computer instead of putting my Nook near the speaker, and the quality of the recording is better. The music and the blog go together.

Aren’t there sometimes people who come into your life and you feel like you’ve known them forever, and there is a bond there that feels different from the way you feel about other people you meet? You feel there is a reason they came into your life? People come and people go out of our lives.  Why is it that some people become special?

Please leave a response, and use the yellow stars. In a club people can clap and tell me personally what they think. Now your written response is all I have. All criticism is also welcome. If you want to join other people who want to know how the book, InsideOut, is coming along, with the possibility of future purchase, please fill out the comment form below.

And also, in advance, thanks, Sonni Quick

3 thoughts on “Jamie Cummings Blog and Sonni Quick’s Piano Music

  1. Alright, I know, it’s an old joke. But I feel compelled. Compelled, I tell you! You’ve probably gotten this a lot, but….

    *flicks a lighter and waves it in the air* Play stairway, wooooo!

    Levity aside though, this is good. Ever thought of composing for a living?

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    1. lol. When I was much much younger I was told I was going to be the next Stevie Nicks. Obviously that didn’t work, although we both had, at the time, a coke habit. I stopped working in a professional manner 13 years ago, and went strictly to teaching as I have done all my life as well, and also bought a retail store that crashed with the economy. Now, with this book, and the music I am composing that goes with this book, I am considering having a CD made of the the music and offering as an insert in the book. There was no internet during the most active of the years I was working. If I wanted to record I had to go to a recording studio. Now there are so many good options to do your own. My early music on the site was recorded only using my Nook, but now I have program and can plug my keyboard right into my computer, so I’m learning the program. Some people, at my age, at least the last generation would be thinking of retiring and living off their savings and pensions, etc. Today, beginning life new again at 60 (using all the wisdom I have amassed) has been such a kick in the pants!


    2. I was going through old comments and saw this. I didn’t remember seeing it. I played keyboard and sang professionally for quite awhile in my younger days, until I trashed my vocal cords and couldn’t sing anymore. I’ve written a lot of music, but none you’ve heard. I teach piano privately. I didn’t seriously get back into composing again until a couple years ago. I think I needed a reason and Jamie gave me that reason. It pulled the emotion out of me. Once played it’s forgotten. If I didn’t record when I play it would be gone.


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