I seriously debated whether to post this Youtube video, and then where to put it. Should I post it on my other blog http://watchandwhirl/com because it really doesn’t have anything to do with Jamie? Then I realized it does have to do with Jamie, because it is this very type of attitude by the police who put him in Juvy at age 16, not quite 17, and they took away his life.There is a post about what happened at https://mynameisjamie.net/2014/11/21/was-this-always-in-the-cards/

This would not have happened if that cop hadn’t forced his way into a house where two brothers been having a teenage fight outdoors and the mother had put it to rights. Someone called the police about it. They had also previously had problems with this very cop. After the cop was told twice everything was under control he still forced his way into the house in a violent enough way, kicking the door in, for his mother to fall and break her wrist, would you not, as a teenager defend your mother? Is that all it takes to be thrown into Juvy for 4 years? And telling him it was only going to be 9 months, but not letting you go until yu we 21? And because of the way he is treated he retaliates. Wouldn’t you, if you were treated in this fashion?

Now we have this testimony of a black cop. Here is the truth. This is the main reason there are 6x more black men in prison than white men. This video is scary. But it’s from a black man, so it won’t have much credence for most people. What we need is a white cop to get up and say these things and that probably won’t happen. he’d be taking his life in his hands and he’d most likely lose his job. Even a black cop, if he’s on the street in plain clothes, would be afraid of white cops if they didn’t know him. All you have to be is black. period.

3 thoughts on “Racism in our Police Force

    1. I also posted that video on facebook and Google plus. It was unbelievable the amount of negative people came out of the woodwork calling it bullshit and who could believe a black cop anyway?

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