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( For the inmates in white jumpsuits, no matter what you do, you can’t win. There is no such thing as justice in prison. The inmate is always wrong and the guards are always right. If someone wants you locked up for their own petty reasons, you can’t stop them. Officers lie for each other, and make things up they say an inmate does, and uses the inmates, often just to get back at someone they don’t like. There is nothing an inmate can do about it. They can tell whatever lie they want, and get you thrown in lockup because you disagreed with them. Arguing with an officer is a rule you’re not allowed to break, even if you’re in the right. The reason doesn’t matter, it’s the fact that you argued, is the rule breaker. You can’t defend yourself in any way. A guard will push and push to try and make an inmate lose his cool. In this case, you’ll see they’ll hold a hearing and it isn’t necessary for you to be there. Someone who wasn’t there will stand in your place and say whatever someone else wants him to say. Since you aren’t allowed in the room you have no idea what’s been said, they just escort you to lockup. If this was the first time this happened maybe there would be room for doubt, but it isn’t, and has cost years of a life.  In between the two hearings he was able to get to a phone call to me before they cut off his ability to make a phone call, to tell me they were going to revoke all of his privileges. The brand new privileges that he finally got for the first time in years. We had two weeks where he was able to call me. Then after the 2nd case was heard and I didn’t hear from him again so I knew knew, for sure, I wasn’t going to hear from him again.  He’ll have to work his way back up to level G2 again. The hard part is that it stopped his application for his GED or for any other kind of classes. How are the inmates supposed to work to better themselves so they have a chance of survival when they get out if they don’t allow them the possibility of take any classes.  It sounds deliberate to me. Don’t you think, after more than 4 years of solitary so far, and the first two times were cases completely fabricated, and now this one, because verbally he defended himself over something he felt in the right to discuss, it is a bit too harsh. They do this to everyone.  Set them up for failure. They don’t want the inmates to make it on the outside. They want that revolving door to have greased wheels. Send them out and kick them back in. Well seasoned inmates who know the ropes. Keep the money coming in for the sake of the corporations that own them.


Feb 27 2015
Hello Mom, How are you? In the best of health I pray. Right now it’s 12:08 and I’ve been placed in lockup. I’m not sure for how long, but probably not as long as the other times. I’m sorry, mom. I’m not going to keep nothing from you. I tried hard. I did, but I let my anger get the best of me.  I broke a prison rule.  I defended myself against lies from guards. I fought so long to keep my temper in check, but I let it get the best of me and spit fire at the officers, only to get two cases. I can understand you being angry with me cause I’m angry at myself right now, too. I’m not allowed to have nothing, not even visits I don’t think.  My visits were revoked and I don’t know for how long. I got a letter from Melvin yesterday saying he was going to come and visit this weekend. ( Sonni’s note: Melvin is Buddhist friend from Onalaska,Texas who makes the drive to see him every month or two to help keep him encouraged. He’s been visiting for about a year now and has been a good friend and mentor.) Please call him and tell him to call the prison and make sure he can visit before he makes the drive.

I’m writing the captain up. She denied me the right to attend the hearing with the officers I had the problem with. Her and her boyfriend. They tried for three days to contact her at home. She never picked up the phone. So I was going to ask for the case to be dismissed. Instead, the captain told me to leave. She ran the case without me. She denied me the right to question the charging officer about the case as well. If you are in white (jumpsuit) this is what they do.

Right now they have 26 guys locked up because two dudes was fighting. They locked them up and put a riot case on them all. They go to their hearing and all, but get their case dismissed, because an officer tells the captain what happens. However, the Major makes them rewrite the cases all over and makes the officer be a witness on the case and he has no idea what happened. This is how they work at keeping us in here. Don’t get me wrong. I messed up, but how can someone just do people that way? They have inmates writing request forms on other inmates saying their life is in danger. The name they put on the form, they will lock them up for months, even though they didn’t do anything. They also write them up saying people are trying to escape, and of course these people lock them up, too, and place them under investigation. Crazy. huh? This is just a bit of what’s going on. They would let an inmate tell them anything just to lock up another inmate. A lot of these inmates make up lies and tell the major in return for some kind of favor. Yes, these things are going on. This place is almost the3 same as being in the free world. All of the things that goes on out there goes on in here as far as bullshit.

Oh, I got the books you and Melvin sent. I haven’t started reading them but I will tomorrow. I promise I will.

Just remember, I love you, Son

(Sonni’s note:  the following day, as I was reading i came across this article I put at Google+.  I decided to put it here as well because this woman, Keri Blakinger who you can follow on twitter, talks about the same think, from a white woman’s perspective.  Since there are many white people who STILL think there are more black people in prison because they do more crimes, and white people are just better people I decided to add  this article for you to read.



10 thoughts on “There is No Such Thing as Justice in Prison

  1. I mentioned somewhere earlier that I know the U.S. (its history, politics and culture) mostly through Hollywood. While reading this blog, the scenes that keep coming to my head is from a film titled “Death Warrant” starring Jean Claude van Damme – one of my favourite action heroes. The story revolves around a prison where the Feds get to know about the atrocities happening inside and hence plants one of their men undercover to observe what is actually happening. In Hollywood the film moves and ends according to a pre-designed script, but for people within the walls the torment has no ending. Sad to hear Jamie’s story. But I would like to send him a ‘Hello’ message. Please tell him next time you meet, that he has friends in India as well.


    1. I am putting together an email to send to Jamie right now and putting in comments people have made. I have told him there are people who care. . We can leave our house and talk to people. We still might not have anyone who cared how our day went, and those people become depressed and lonely and probably drink or take pills to get through their day. But Jamie knows there are people whose hearts have been touched. People who care. He is a good man. I want people to know him. People who care if he’s okay. That goes a long way in keeping keeping depression away The post I wrote, is very real. How would you feel if you thought there was no one who cared about you, you saw no one, talked to no one, or had communication from anyone? What if no one even cared if you alive or dead? On the outside we have people I’d like for him to answer these comments so I can add them to the comment section.

      There are so many people who a misconception about prison and think is there to lock up bad people. That is only one reason. Our government needs to keep the prisons full, (while telling the public they are try to reduce their arrests) because of the huge demand in the public sector, the American companies who bid on prison labor, they are stuck between a rock and a hard place. So there may be fewer arrest this year but the sentences will be longer and the percentage of those paroled are fewer. Once in awhile a good thing happens and people cheer, but they really don’t know what is going on. A great many prison are owned privately through companies like Corcoran and CCA – there are more. The Prison Industrial Complex.They offer to help the states with their budget problems and if they take over the prison they will have more money for roads and education BUT they have to keep the prisons 90-100% full or the government has to pay them for the empty beds. This is why the US has the highest prison population in the world 500 out of every 100,000 people, and since approximately 65% of those are black people, there are entire towns that have 50% of there town locked up – for “walking while black”. But the media portrays it as though black people do more crimes, which they don’t. Black neighborhoods are patrolled for people to arrest. Are many of those arrest legitimate? Of course. But many of them aren’t. White people can be picked up doing the very same crime, yet they don’t end up in prison because of it.

      I realize I have written much more than a reply! I get on a roll sometimes and the words spill out. I go on a rant and get intense. I think I will turn this reply into a post – “Up Front and Personal”

      I can’t thank you enough for reading these posts. It means a lot to me, Sonni

      Thank you for your words. It’s hard ,though, to get an accurate picture of the US through Hollywood. I am going to look for the movie through my Netflix connection and watch it. Then I can tell you if it accurate. The thing, though, that you are very right about is that the atrocities don’t stop. because of the things they do to inmates, an inmate ;learns to be very subservient because if they aren’t, they pay for it. But even the inmate is very docile and does nothing to provoke the guard, it doesn’t stop them from writing up false cases on them or from doing things like spitting in their food, or not letting them shower. Humanistic things. When the person finally gets out of prison they don’t know how to act around people again. One woman told me her son even asked if it was ok to go use the bathroom. going outside is too much stimulus for them. Reintegration to society is hard if you don’t have someone guiding you. My concentration with Jamie has been to build his self confidence, his value as a human being. Keeping him from slipping into depression or keep thoughts of suicide away, which he tried when it was unbearable, has taken effort. If I hadn’t been there, I don’t know what state of mind he would have. When someone has spent the years he has locked up in a a cell 23 hours a day makes most men mentally ill. If you have read any of the chapters I posted about the book InsideOut, these took place while he was in solitary. When I started writing to him 8 years ago, after he had been in for a year, I knew I was taking on a responsibility. This was not going to be a short newsy letter about my life I was going to get away with writing. If he ever hears from a family member, it is usually a catch up about what is going on in the family, not a letter of caring how he was doing. Never a question of, “Is there anything you need or anything I could do to help”. Not even from his own mother. I know she loves him. I talked to her once. She’s okay with him calling me mom and is glad I’m there for him – but she isn’t there. The other man I write to on death row in San Quentin – Armando Macias – three pages you can find through the menu tab at the top. Find out what they do to prisoners when they enter the death row unit. When I started writing to him I knew I was taking on a lifelong commitment. I will be posting more about him soon. He also wrote the post ( the girl in the mud is my grand daughter) If you’d like to find out what solitary confinement, is go to Armando is one of the most interesting men I’ve known. Solitary confinement actually rehabilitated him. It was a benefit for him. His transformation is nothing short of incredible. He will never be released but he is fighting to have a better life inside the prison walls. He is human. If the prisons say the want the inmates to be rehabilitated, which they really don’t, then he should at least have his accomplishments come with a few rewards for that. Common decency rewards. He is in for a contract murder. Goggle his name and read the articles written about the murder. He grew up in a violent violent family and lived in a violent community. He was never taught right from wrong. Never thought about the was consequences of his actions. In prison he had to start all over and learn what that was. Through the study of Buddhism he found out who he was and found out what his life meant and what he needed to to change. When someone is never taught these things and the people around them all behave in a certain way, how can you not follow what that teaches you. This arrest was no his first murder and it was at the end of many crimes. It was his life and he knew nothing else. I hope someday I can actually meet him.

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    1. Oh Robert, I do know why. You can take it all the way down to family relationships and how bad some of them are. We each have to do our own ” human revolution” People are so conditioned to think and react a certain way and they can’t change that just because they want to. You can’t make people feel differently and they can’t change who they are just because they want to. It would be like my telling you that as of right this minute you can no longer love your mother. You can’t just change that. The need to abuse and humiliate other people runs just as deep. These people don’t know how to stop abusing.

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        1. There is much willful cruelty in world and also those that are compelled. Take a prison guard who lives a fairly sane life who becomes a prison guard. Until then he has kept his sadistic tendancies in his head. Now he is allowed to treat people with inhumanity with no repercussions. So as he delivers food to an inmate he spits in it and drops it down on the floor upside down and laughs. Another guard laughs with him. They live in the life condition of animality, or, I call it, ‘kick the dog syndrome’

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    1. Thank you. Yes, it is. I just hope I am alive to see that change happen. Right now, just opening up one more pair of eyes, and then another until the voices can be heard. But even if they are, it is always money that wins. But we have to keep trying. I will know I have done all I could to help make that change.

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