This is important enough to put out as a post on Jamie’s website.  Black lives matter, as does every one else, but there are many people, political entities and other organizations who not only do not see it that way, they also try to make you believe they don’t think they way they do.  It is up to us to change things;  to change the way our children and grandchildren see the world.  We will never convince an adult to not harbor racist feelings.  It is too engrained in their hearts, but we can raise the children better, because they are the future leaders of tomorrow.  This fight became personal for me with the birth of my two grandsons with a black father and one granddaughter with a black mother. All white people can “say” they aren’t racists, and may honestly not be, but until the fight comes into your living room and you understand how your own family can and will be affected, then not being a racist becomes a completely different thing. . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world

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4 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter

  1. Rosie when I see videos like this and see humans who stand up and fight for the right to be treated equally and then an idiot on my personal facebook page say some stupid sentence that says blacks are more likely to be a criminal – just look at the proof – there are more of them in prison. They listen to the pundits on Fox News saying blacks are responsible for most of the crime and blacks to blame for our economic down turn because they are all on welfare it makes me angry. It’s actually even numbers of whites and blacks on welfare. Gee,I’m on Medicaid. I’m on section 8. Housing since my liver transplant so I guess that makes me someone, too, who is sucking off the govt, as they so put it. Sorry, that kinda ignorance coming from a grown adult is just so irritating.


  2. I got goosebumps watching that video. I think the most powerful part for me is the guy who said
    “We shouldn’t have to explain why this injustice is a bad thing.”
    When something is wrong it should be self evident that it is wrong, colour, creed etc is immaterial. Great post.

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    1. I felt the same thing. Isn’t it time? When we know what the right thing is to do and yet there are still so many arrogant people who think that they are somehow better than other people. We can’t change the adults – it will be up to us to teach the children a better way.

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  3. Years ago I went to Ireland with Global Volunteers and participated in doing some physical labor (painting, fixing fences, cleaning up and moving furniture). Their premise was to bring catholic and protestant children together for a few days at a time and let them interact with each other. Guess what, after spending time with each other and seeing that the other was no different than they were, they learned to drop their prejudices against the others’ religion and or way of life. They both lived on the same small island and had relatives who had immigrated to other parts of Great Britain and lived lives that did not include hatred of other religions.

    The point of this is that you are absolutely right, it is only by teaching children that we break down barriers of hate and misunderstanding.

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