Execution by medical neglect? This neglect hits close to home knowing what Jamie has gone through with countless seizures often with little or no help from doctors in the prison. Have pains in your chest? Go drink water they say. The settlements corporationns like Corizon have to pay out doesn’t touch the amount they profit from neglecting inmates. Who cares? So what? A few more convicted men die. They don’t care. Medical problems cost them money.

But what they have done to Mumia Abu Jamal and his family is so far over the top it’s unbelievable. No contact made to his attorneys or family and he’s in a coma? When other inmates let his wife know, no one will tell him what hospital he is in.

People everywhere continue to allow the powers that be run all over all of us in any situation where they have the power to do so – any way they want, and because we feel powerless to stop it, we look the other way hoping someone else to fix it. How many more people need to have their lives ruined to feed the prison industrial complex’s huge appetite for money and control? Does it take having someone you care about get caught in their snare to do something that has an effect, even in some small way?g

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