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We can dream great dreams. My book – InsideOut

This post is also the opening page to this blog for anyone who just uses the web address to come here. I decided today to also make it a post as there has been much more written that needed to be said. Thank you for your patience and interest to read What I have written.

If you were to open a book – in the middle – and read a page or two and then closed it, would it be enough for you to know if you were interested in knowing the rest of the story? With many blogs you can do that because each post stands alone. You can flip through an archive and read bits and pieces, and that is okay.

This blog, though, is different. It has a story, like chapters in a book. To understand what happens to a life in prison you need to go to the beginning. If you don’t know the beginning then the end doesn’t mean as much. I have gotten so many thoughtful posts from people that brought a tear to my eye. They understood and they understood Jamie. Those people read more of the blog than one or two pages. If you read a page and press “like” Then I can see you were here. If you read and leave no foot print I won’t know you were there. Also, don’t forget to rate it by clicking on the yellow stars Then other people will be more encouraged to also leave their rating. Feedback and personal communication, that’s the fun part of writing a blog – meeting the people who read it.


Many times people log into this site through an individual post, especially when a wordpress blogger sees it as a new post. But when you come here through another website, logging on for the first time then this is the page you will see. From there you should go to Jamie’s Prison and My Name is Jamie . You’ll understand more when you go back to the beginning by looking at the dropdown list called ‘earlier posts by the month. Also, near the top of the site is a little circle that says ‘menu’. This is where the ‘pages’ are. They are different than posts. Pages are not letters from Jamie nor are they part of the timeline. They are about issues relating to prisons. There are also writings in this section by Armando Macias who is on Death Row in San Quentin. You will also find different posts with piano music files. I write and record improvisational piano music. The most recent one can be found at Who Do You Have to Care about you day The title of the song is “Blindfolded Pain” played blindfolded. It has beautiful, dissonant notes.
After that, go the earliest post in ‘earlier posts by the month’. There is a history that progresses. 2010 is the earliest posted, but there will be more going back to 2006 as our relationship began. But if you read only one post, it is like opening up a book in the middle and then closing it. Jamie’s life is worth reading about as it will open your eyes to our prison injustice system, prison politics and the fact there really is no justice in prison, as well as the reasons why we have so many prisons stocked with so many black people. It is why we have the prison population we do. It isn’t that blacks commit more crimes, the reason is much more sinister than that, and walking while black is good enough to fill the demand for prisoners needed by the prison industrial complex. This labor force is needed and bid on.

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Jamie Cummings in Prison Whites

Think of this as a serial. You can also follow it through email if you aren’t on WordPress. This way each new post shows in your inbox.On the right hand side if you scroll down you will find links that will take you off this site. They are links to websites with specific information. It could be about the juvenile population that is locked up, or about the elderly, or solitary confinement. They give you more information on different topics.

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I’ve done this many times!


When I began the blog it was because I wanted to write a book based on Jamie’s life and the issues concerning our injustice system and the lack of humanity in our prisons. I wanted to find out why we only have 5% of the world’s population but imprison 25% of the world’s prisoners. Does our country have more criminals or do we make a strong effort to criminalize as many actions as we can, and give extremely long sentences for a reason? This process of hunting down blacks and minority’s while attempting to use the media to convince the public that blacks commit more crimes, and are people to be a afraid of, has worked very well. People are indeed afraid that black people intend to do them harm if they even see them walking toward them on the street. And those who seek power and money has turned our prisons into money making machines who exact cruel and unusual punishment on many of the slaves imprisoned. It has warped the way our country does business by letting businesses bid on contracts using inmates to manufacture items we use every day.

My intention with my writing is to open the eyes of people who think we only imprison bad people. Yes, we do lock up bad people but we also lock up many more for small things we never locked people up for in the past. Crimes, that when committed by white people, don’t have nearly the same consequence. Six times more blacks have their neighborhoods invaded by police than white neighborhoods. That is a fact. As you read this and read through the pages found at the menu at the top of this site, you will begin to understand what kind of country we have become. This has been evident through much of our history, but has reached epidemic proportions and it needs to be stopped. These American companies need to be made public so we can see who represents what the past plantations owners started. You would be shocked if you saw the list. Why pay someone even minimum wage when you can get it made practically for free. Slavery never stopped. It just changed it’s form. Jamie’s story is a personal account of a life destroyed by intentionally being sucked into the school to prison pipeline because his body count means money for the corporation that owns the prison.

Many people in the past few years have grudgingly been released after decades of being locked up. Even when in inmate has been determined not guilty because of new evidence, they still don’t want to let him go, and in many cases will not compensate him for the loss of his life. Even when it became law that you can’t give a juvenile life without the possibility of parole, they don’t want to release the adults who were handed that verdict when they were young and are now in their 30’s and 40’s. The prisons fight their release. Don’t their count, too? The decades they already have been imprisoned for an immature wrong doing – don’t they a deserve to have a chance at having at least some of their life back , too, since it is now law.

I sincerely hope you come back often and share this blog on your own social media. If you leave thoughtful responses to Jamie in the comment section I copy and paste them to into emails I send him. He has to answer by longhand. I write to him through the website If you would like to write to him personally it is very easy to do. He is in the state of Texas and his full name is James Cummings. His ID is 1368189. That’s all the info you need. The website explains the process. Writing an email costs the same as sending a letter, the cost of a stamp. I can imagine now the look on his face to receive a reply from you. There is so little happiness where he is, so if what you read touches you in anyway please let him know. He would write back to you if you wanted.

I want to thank everyone so much for taking the time to leave the responses they have. It encourages me to keep writing.

Jamie’s story has been read in 120 countries so far and that just astounds me. There might only be one or two in some countries, and I haven’t even heard of some of them before, but it has truly made all of us one globe community. When Jamie gets out, sometime between 2016 and 2023, he will be seeing a world greatly changed, with people who care about him and many who don’t. I believe something very positive will come of this and you will know you helped to do something that affected the life of another human being who will go on to affect many more. Thank You !

“The only legacy anyone can really leave behind when they leave this earth, is the effect they had on other people’s lives. That is what lives on. The making of that cause will have an effect on your own life.” A way of ‘paying it forward.’

Thank you, Sonni

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