jamie Cummings age eight, Jamie Cummings and his son.
Father and son at the same age, with the same name.

Jamie’s bio mom sent me this picture of a much younger Jamie.  Seeing these pictures of him and his son Jamie, side by side, there is so much resemblance.  Both of them are about the same age of eight. I have also received recent letters from Jamie and I am getting the information sorted out.  He is having a very rough time.

Prison guards get away with making his life hell as they do for many inmates, often undeserved. It seems to be the agenda of most of the guards with the approval of the people in charge of them.  It brings out the worst side of many men who enjoy causing people to suffer.  We also read, more and more in the news about the atrocities cops get away with, from beating people to outright murder, and the people in charge of them not only look the other way,  they do everything they can to make it look as though they people they hurt were asking for it.  They do their best to make sure these officers don’t have to take responsibility for harm they cause people.  I hesitate to even use the word offer for these mean because that word denotes respect, and there is no respect for people like this.  Unfortunately it also also brings shame and respect to those officers who are not like this because how is anyone supposed to tell the difference.  Every officer is looked at with distrust and they have brought it unto themselves.

Each time that happens the fuse gets shorter and shorter. People no longer trust the police because they have proven time and again they can’t be trusted. These people who outright lie about hurting people will have to stop because the people are demanding it.  Police – prison guards – those that think they have a license to indiscriminately hurt and kill are people cut from the same cloth.  They are the legal criminals. Whatever it is inside them them tells them it is okay to choke and kill people or shoot them in the back, or in the prison to torture them to death or to deny them medical care and they die, aren’t going to get away with it.  They will [pay with their own lives in one way or another. These people have extremely flawed human natures and need to be feared.  If I were a black man being pulled over by a cop knowing there was a very good chance that I would be, at the very least, beat up or killed for some trumped up charge that they thought I was reaching into my waist band for a gun I wasn’t carrying, I, too, would take the initiative and run.  Why would he even have to think these thoughts?  Because he has known of it happening time after time.  They know that a black man can be put in a police van alive andf when it arrives at the station he is unexpectedly dead and they don’t know why.

What Jamie is going through now, at the hands of the guards, which I will write about soon, needs to stop. Any human being can only take so much being locked up 24 hr a day, being denied the ability to breath fresh air, taken to the shower once in awhile, maybe.  It’s inhumane.  It’s cruel.  It’s unnecessary.  It’s wrong.  Rec, if they give it to him is being taken to a small indoor cage not bigger than his cell to walk around in, and is now being threatened with being taken to another prison far away – and for what??? They said they had no OPEN BEDS to give him.  Huntsville Prison is a big prison and they have no open beds??  This is a set up. They took away his hard earned privileges of being able to use the phone, walk to chow, go outside for rec, get a janitorial job, because he argued back to a guard  because what the guard was saying was wrong.  Jamie broke a rule.  In other words, he defended himself.  They took everything away he had worked hard to get for the past few years and stomped on him for it.

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