24 hour lockdown
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Hello mom,                                                                                          April 20, 2015

I want to say I’m so sorry for the long wait. Things have been real crazy the last two and a half months.  I’m on a special cell punishment which was supposed to be a 30 day lockup.

(Sonni’s note:  Inmates aren’t allowed to argue with the guards.  They are always right and inmates are always wrong. A guard filed a false case on him, which they often do when they have a grudge.  When it came to court the guard could not be found for 3 days.  Instead of dropping the case they had someone else stand in for the guard who wasn’t there and Jamie was not allowed to attend.  So, of course they found him guilty and took away all of his very newly earned privileges, like being able to make a phone call.  He was able to get in one last call to tell me what happened.)

My date started on February 3rd.  I was supposed to get off on March 3rd.  However they have made me stay in lockup telling me they have no open bunks. No open bunks?  So I was told I might get shipped to another unit on the other side of Texas.  I’ve talked to everybody from the warden to the Major about getting moved to a G4 block.

( Sonni’s note: G5 is solitary confinement, G4 is one step ahead and at least you get to leave your cell for meals and very limited time in rec to watch TV.  No other privileges.  Last time they did this it took 2 more years to get to G2 where you can have a family visit that is not behind glass and you can make phone calls if someone registers their phone.  You can get put on a list to take your GED or other trades and they might find you an unpaid job in the laundry.)

As of right now I’m ending a second term of this punishment because I am trying to avoid being sent to another unit.  I have watched people come and go for three months.  What I need is someone to call the prison and get on these people about when I am supposed to get off this punishment on the 24th. Call the warden or call classification.  You’re going to have to pretend you’re my bio mom or they won’t talk to you.

I’m on lockdown 24 hours a day.  I only come out for showers 3 times a week.  No rec. I get jacked for it every week.  So I give them hell.  They are treating me wrong so I am treating them wrong. They hate to do paperwork so to hell with them.  I yelled all day, beat and kicked on shit and I’m still here.  I had a seizure.  A bad one and spent 9 hours in the hospital.  When the day comes and I’m not out of here I’m going to do this all over.  I will make them G5 me so at least I can go to rec and get some fresh air.  Back here we aren’t allowed to go outside.  They put us in a cage and we walk around in it.

I’m telling you this because I don’t want to let you down by going G5 again, but it’s really getting to me.  They put the same officer here had to deal with before  and he is (REALLY) working my nerves.  He’s doing crazy shit just to take away my rec because he can. They took away all of my things.  They let me have deodorant and my soap and paper, but they took away all my books.  Please help me get away from back here.  They will ship me to West Texas.  They been sending dudes there.  I don’t want to go back there.

I love you always

(Sonni”s note: I wrote and immediate answer to try and help him get his head together.  He’s trying to fight a battle they will never let him win.  He’s playing into it. But after almost 3 months locked back up in Solitary confinement –  only worse, because they have left him with nothing to do.  His magazines aren’t getting through and he can’t get to commissary.  He has tried so hard, but sometimes it seems so helpless and no matter how hard he tries there is some asshole guard who gets off pushing the inmates until they lose it.  It is some sort of vile game with them.  People who have control over other people often abuse it, especially when their bosses give them the okay that it is okay.  I will call the prison on Monday.


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8 thoughts on “Lockdown 24 Hours a Day

  1. Has anyone ever heard, vengeance belongs to me, meaning God. Does anyone fear God, well you don’t have to but trust me, when God comes down with an iron fist, everyone is going to stop and wonder what is going on. The sad thing is, things do not always come back on the person who is doing the wrong, but it hits so close home and all you can do is stand there and watch. But one thing is for sure, and that is, we are all going to pay for the wrong that we do. I hate to see people use their power in the wrong way, but just keep living. People are already paying for their mistakes being locked up, what kind of a Godly person would try and make a person pay twice.

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  2. Good luck with calling the prison. I have not found that they listen at all. They usually just say they have to follow the regulations and nothing can be done. It is always worth a try, so I would call them anyway. At least you will know you did what you could. I will be thinking of and Jamie. My son was in solitary for three years solid waiting for his trial.

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    1. I know. You’re right. But what they did is wrong. I think (I hope) they will be more careful when they know there is support on the outside. You understand. You know what it does to the mind. I have posted 4 of the chapters I’ve written for the book I’m writing, “Inside the Forbidden Outside” .I’d love some feedback from you. I’m also going to start a new blog just for the book to help promote as I write.


    1. Who benefits? This is a post I need to write. Most people don’t understand how and why we have the inmates we have. Trust me it is not just to lock bad people. So look for the answer to that soon. Thanks Robert for writing.

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      1. Follow the money, spot the lie.

        We have drifted as a nation into normalizing penury which is nothing more than the creation of a vast desperate pool of potential cheap labor ready to be scooped into for profit prisons which are the new slave quarters.

        The brutality described in your blog is right out of a slave owners handbook from the 1820’s.

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        1. You got it. Many American corporations bid on cheap inmate labor. I’ll print the list soon. It’s shocking. So when any political party starts talking about the fact there are no jobs and giving the rich tax cuts will create jobs it makes me want to puke. If inmates weren’t making a large percentage of what we buy there would be more jobs for people who need to support their families- even things like Victoria’s Secret and Eddie Bauer jeans are made by inmates. I often use those 2 because it so surprises people, but the list is quite long.

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          1. Correct–

            Look at the amount of money the prison industry “donates” to various state officials to extend sentences and to impose long mandatory sentences.

            I also have no doubt that some of the barbarism you describe on your blog is actually a set of strategic maneuvers to force the prisoner to behave in ways that result in extended sentences.

            It seems that the only people in the United States who study actual psychology are the people who want to manipulate us into destroying ourselves for their profit.

            The rest of us have to settle for “behaviorism” which explains nothing and is a tattered page from the Dale Carnegie course on the Power of Positive Platitudes.

            When you read some of the reports to stockholders the most stomach turning pages have to do with “disappointing” reductions in sentences in various states that reduced profit margins.

            Decriminalizing marijuana and legalizing its use will most certainly result in stiffer sentences for the use of other substances…and I don’t really need to say that the different sentence structure for crack use is directly related to the endless pursuit of slave labor by the so-called “ruling” class and it’s need for retribution against it’s former slaves for daring to be free.

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