You can easily find the facebook page for this blog on the right side, or beneath on a tablet. If you are a facebook user anyone who goes and likes the page is appreciated. Of course all of the blog posts are posted there but there is much more. There are many articles protesting our justice system, police brutality and our rather lacking of a fair justice system. Plus many other articles about juvenile detention and the overwhelming percentage on very sick elderly inmates. Only by people learning about these can we even hope for change.

elderly prison inmate
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Today I began a Facebook page for just the book. I hopper you will take the time to go and take a look and like the page so it can begin to grow. I’ve been trying to direct people to find the few chapters I published to get interest The information gets lost in all the new information to read. I don’t to publish too many complete chapters so I decided to print excerpts, but of more of chapters to give a better idea of the scope of the book without giving too much away.  I started out today with two chapters. I’d love any feedback. Positive or negative our n ideas of what you think should be in it. It is not only Jamie’s life.It also incorporates the entire prison experience and political reasons many people aren’t are of being there. There are those who think prisons are just places where they lock up bad people.

inside the forbidden outside
Inside the Forbidden Outside

I will also have updates of how it’s progressing. I need to have book jacket designed. For now I’m using a picture I found. I’m also finding the more I learn about self publishing the more I realize I don’t know. There’s a lot more than just writing a book and magically it appears. I have gained a remarkable respect for indie authors

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