It doesn’t get more disgusting than this.  I recently had a conversation with a Christian therapist here on WordPress. I had the misfortune of reading one of his blog posts. I couldn’t get past the fact that he thought, not only was being gay wrong, it was something someone could just pray away. He also teaches this to his children.  And if one of his own children were gay, do you think it would scare him enough that he would never be able to tell his father. Would his father shun him if he couldn’t pray his gayness away?  Would he be embarrassed for anyone to know that he was unsuccessful in changing his child’s sexual orientation.  If not his own child, is this how he would counsel the parents of children who are gay? His children will grow up and pass this same intolerance to their own children who will feel they also have the right to do and say things that are filled with intolerance. Why – because their father said it is the right thing to do.  What we teach the children – be it this, or racism, or any form of intolerance is the way it  keeps growing.

The good Christian who developed this game – where do you think he learned his views from?

I know each person has the right to feel the way they do about things. Each person has the right to choose the religion they want.  Most people believe what they were taught when they were young, and never question it.  It becomes the truth to them.  Teach them intolerance and they will be intolerant. There are so many cases of young people thinking they have the right to perform hate crimes – but they learned that from someone, and most learn it from their family and community.

This man went on, in trying to psychoanalyze me, says I am angry and feel this way because I must have been hurt by a Christian at some point in my life.  He’s a pretty lousy counselor if he doesn’t see past the end of his own nose to realize that I am angry because it is Christians like himself who do the hurting.  People go to him for help. I feel bad for the people who got a dose of his therapy and hope they find someone who validates their existence instead of making him feel as though there is something “wrong” with him. This man also knows for a fact there is no gene for gayness. It is always easy to find articles that validate the way you think. He thinks gayness is always a choice, just like someone choosing to be a bank robber.  Puhleeze!

When any person of  any religion uses their religion for purposes such as this, my tolerance stops. I cannot stop ignorance, but I will call someone out on it when I see it. He also went on to say that if it wasn’t wrong, why do so many gay people commit suicide?  WHY????  Because of people like him, who if he has a gay client, especially one who is wrestling with the fact that he is gay, maybe even doesn’t want to be gay, but knows he’s gay, and has been told he can pray it away, and he/she can’t, because all the praying in the world is not going to make him straight, then he’s going to hate himself and may decide he doesn’t have a life worth living and this God will be angry with him and he’ll go to hell.  If a gay person who is a Christian can’t get acceptance from family and church,  he may decide to end his life. If he hasn’t yet reached adulthood, if he is bullied and ridiculed in school and can’t leave home to get that support he will he will find his own way to deal with his pain.

This is why the suicide rate is high.

Racism is passed the same way

This needs to stop!

And the list could go on.

Those people who try to pray it away, and even come out with the statement that they are no longer gay – that facade is on the outside. I couldn’t make myself gay.  They can’t make themselves straight. Their are aspects of who were are that are immutable. If they cave to pressure. If they marry and have children, it is not a facade that can be kept up. If a man ( or woman) who doesn’t want to sleep with opposite sex and has no passionate feelings about the opposite sex and tries to prove it to themselves or their partners that they do, and forces himself to pretend so he can get the approval from his church and family, it is like prostitution.  If you are a good prostitute you can make yourself have sex with anyone no matter how much it makes you want to gag. But instead of receiving money, you receive acceptance.  That comes with a price.

The churches – or rather the almighty church goers who feel that their religion gives the right to discriminate and pass hate from generation to generation – are disgusting.   And when you use your religion in this manner I really hope you go to a special hell just for you.

I KNOWknow there are good Christians.  I knowknow there are people honestly try to learn from the teachings to become better people.  This post is not for these people.  It is for those of you who are the hypocrites – especially the ones in a position of authority.  Shame on you.

BTW. My mother has three younger brothers. They are all gay. None of them are young – all in their 70’s. One born that way and has lived with his partner for about 40 years. One had a partner most of his adult life and is now alone, and the third came out in mid life. Why would someone finally come out in mid life after his children were grown and his wife passed away unless he finally felt he didn’t need to hide it anymore? His children accept him. He raised his children and he stuck by his wife through marriage and he was by her side when she was ill. Now it is finally time where he can be who he is. He no longer has to pretend. I say, go for it! be happy.

be happy with yourself and stop trying to change other people. Who they are is none of your business. They aren’t sleeping in your bed.

6 thoughts on “Youtube video of new game “Kill the Faggot”by Christian game developer

  1. First, if this man thinks he is Christian–which suggests that he is “Christ-like.” No, he isn’t. He is a hypocrite , and deserves payment for his ways in-kind. Bringing up his children to be judgemental and prejudicial may back-fire on him. It would serve him right if one of his off-spring turn out to be like one of his worst nightmares. I hope not for their sakes.

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    1. What he falls to understand is that the law of cause and effect and the teaching of – you reap what you sow is the same thing. Two faiths, Buddhism and Christianity Why are they taught? So you learn that what you do, say and think has consequences If you don’t mean to hurt someone, but you do and for example, a child commits suicide ten years later because of what you did- you are still responsible and there will bean effect on your own life for that. Sometimes something happens in someone’s life and they cry “I’m a victim” not Remembering that they did indeed deserve what life “dishes” out to them. Not intending to hurt someone doesn’t count in the book of life. I am so tired of seeing the hate. It’s everywhere.


  2. Well that’s just… charming. Not. Never has there been a better ad for Atheism that this kind of crap. I really think anyone who could be lumped in with militant muslims should wonder where their life went wrong, and this ‘developer’ could certainly fit in any mosque.

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    1. But Nagrij youcan’t lump all Muslims into the terrorist definition any more than they can say all Christians are evil. People of Muslim faith were raised from childhood with understanding being the truth. Every faith they are right. But they too raise and care for their families. It is ones in all faiths who use it for power and control that are bad. The US has killed many people and gone toward in the name of Christianity. Even Hitler thought he was doing God’s work and was a good Christian. The world learned a long time ago how to manipulate people and prey on their fear of hell. And they will continue to do so. People are generally so intolerant if people not like them and they learn it growing up. How to change the world? Change the children – if you can.


  3. I put this video on this website because it is also this kind of thinking that leads to racism. We, as parents have an obligation to our children to stop the hate. Stop the biases. You aren’t a better person because you are a Christian. You aren’t a better person because you are white, or if you come from a “privileged” family. This country is killing itself from the inside out and too many people look the other way.


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