(Sonni’s note:  This is an old letter, July 9, 2009.  Every inmate is somebody’s son This is to all the people who know me who wonder why I’ve spent these years writing to Jamie.  Maybe I should have done what everyone else has done and just let him sit there alone to wonder why his life doesn’t matter to the people who were supposed to love him.  Maybe I should have been too busy,as well.  Six years later and he is still waiting to get answers back from his letters.  he still writes them although sometimes he says he’s going to stop.  He makes up excuses because no one wants to think their family doesn’t care.  After 9 years he’s just removed from their daily thought.  maybe they are just thinking that they’ll wait till he gets out and then he can be part of the family again.  It makes me hurt for him.  I know, from my own experience that just because you have family, it doesn’t mean they have to love you. )

“Somebody’s Son”      by Sonni Quick copyright 2015

Someboy's son, sonely inmate, inmate family loss
source credit: ripten..com

To my dearest mom,

hello, how are you?  Busy, busy busy, I’m sure.  Every day I get to open my eyes and breathe fresh air in my lungs.  I’m blessed, thank God..  So mom, how’s things going with you?  Good I hope.  I thought you would have written back by now so i could see what key West looks like.  I’ve really been looking forward to the photos.  However, I understand that you are really busy with the store so I’ll just relax and wait on them.  Mom, I have a question . Is Megan okay?  She hasn’t wrote me in awhile.  I know I wrote her at least 3 or 4 letters.  however I’m not getting any response from her.  Is everything okay?  That’s all I want to know.  With me being here, most of the time I think the worst of a lot of things.  It’s only because my family holds things from me, even if it’s a death in the family.  I don’t understand.  Megan just stopped writing.  Why?  Is it something or is it just something personal?  Could you please let me know what’s wrong?

I understand that Alex’s dad is out and  home now.  However, I feel it shouldn’t stop her from letting me know how the family is doing.  Jamie’s birthday will probably be done past the time you get this letter.  Three years old already.  She still hasn’t wrote me or nothing.  I sent him my love on his special day as well as a card.  It’s been almost a month and I haven’t heard from her and it’s driving me crazy.  He’s my son, too.  Like I say mom, when I don’t hear from her I only think the worst.  It really hurts me not hearing from her for so long.

I wrote my mom and brother also.  I put my feelings in their letters, too,  just to let them know how I feel.  You know, about the way they are treating me, like I’m not here so there is no reason to bother telling me anything.  I let them know that’s bad.  It only takes five minutes to say I love you, I miss you or to even see how I’m doing.  I sometimes feel that if I’m not home then it’s like I don’t even matter to them.  So I felt, I’ll just let them know how I feel about their way of seeing things.  Right now I’m waiting to see if they are going to write back.  If they do, more than likely it will be a few weeks.  I’ll be blessed if I get that.  (He wasn’t very blessed after all.)  Well, I got to go, mom.  It’s after 10 PM.  I love you and thank you for keeping me strong!

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