The facebook page for Jamie Cummings is different than this blog. In addition to the posts there are many current articles added there daily about what is happening in society about the issues surrounding prison reform, juvenile detention, political issues about prisons, immigrants and individual accounts of police racism. I’d appreciate any traffic there and liking or sharing anything of interest. Promoting a blog and a book, “Inside the Forbidden Outside” takes daily effort.  If you’ve been reading what I write, this is one way you can help me that matters a lot.

I’ve noticed that prison issues and topics like mandatory minimum sentencing is already being slung around by hopeful US presidential candidates even though the election is still 1 1/2 years away. Each party is already accusing the other of being responsible for the cause of so many black men being locked up.
I’m glad it’s being talked about. It shows me the book I’m writing is being written at the right time. Hopefully it will give the politicians something else to talk about besides gay marriage and abortion.

Since the prison industrial complex lobbies hard and contributes so much money to the campaigns of politicians, is it for show? We are aware of campaign promises that are never kept. But, at least the problem is being talked about and if any changes come from it, it will be a move in the right direction.

7 thoughts on “US Presidential Candidates are Already Stumping For Prison Reform

  1. Yes, at least they are talking about it. If only we could get the public on board knowing what it is costing them without a good success rate maybe something could change.
    And yes, it takes effort to promote s book. My book, WAITING ON THE OUTSIDE, is available on Amazon and I’m promoting the Kindle version free June 1st to the 5th. For those of you out there with loved ones incarcerated, you will see you aren’t alone!

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    1. Great – I’ll look for your book. I’d like to ask you some questions – probably better through email if that’s okay with you.

      Yes, it’s good that it is talked about. Your book and what I’m writing is at a very good time, because the public is becoming more aware of it. But I think that this issue, just like abortion and gay marriage, it will be a lot of talk but no action. It’s just something each party can blame the other for creating when both parties are at fault. There are too many corporations that make too much money to allow big change. They already auction new prisons off to the highest bidder with the promise of an unending flow of prisoners. But with more people on board we can hopefully get some changes out of it that could make it a little better inside. This is really the first election where this is going to be an issue so lets keep them talking!


  2. This happens every election cycle. I’d like to believe it’s more than just rhetoric this time, but I find my inner cynic warning me with loud cries of “Doom! Doom is upon us!” My inner cynic has issues.


    1. I think that because there has been so much more in the news about the black police issue and so much about prisons that it well make it a hit topic which will make more people aware. That will be a good thing. But campaign. It’s just PR work while they try to figure out what the people want to hear and what they can use as dirt against the other politicians. Before this they couldn’t care less about prison reform. My inner cynic has issues, too.


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