There are many people and their families who have been affected by our injustice system. There is too much money to be made for the prison industrial complex for it to want to give up the profits made on the backs of other human beings. On one hand politicians say they recognize the need for change and on the other hand their campaign coffers are lined with money to keep the country and it’s slave institution running at full speed. This issue is one you will be hearing a lot about during this run for the presidency.

I’m not saying that those who have committed crimes shouldn’t be punished, it is the degree to which they are are punished and the inhumane treatment they get inside is what needs to be changed. Many crimes do not deserve to have sentences that run decades long. If blacks and minorities could even have the same sentences as their white counterparts the amount of people in prison would rapidly go down.

If inmates could get the services they needed to help insure their rehabilitation, and if they were able to get jobs and rent apartments, it would help ensure their survival. When you’ve done your time you should be able to shed the label – ex felon. No boxes to check that makes sure you won’t get the job you need to survive.

It takes people like Sharron, who use their time to write about these things and bring it to public to read, to educate you so you understand what is happening.. There are still many people who think the purpose of our prisons is lock up guilty people, but the reasons are far more sinister than that. You can be sure I will take advantage of the window of time where I can download her book and since I am following behind her with a book of my own I will share this information with everyone on the social media sites I participate with. Lets give her a push and help her to get her book to the public!

Information for Friends and Family of Inmates


Hello to all my followers out there.  Just wanted to let you know the Kindle version of my book, Waiting on the Outside, will be available FREE on a promotion for 5 days from June 1st to June 5th.  If you have any friends or family who read digital books, please let them know, so they can download it for free.  I really want to make it available for those who may not be able to purchase the print version (or don’t want too).

It is the story of my son and his journey to a federal prison and his affiliation with a white supremacist gang.  It is told from the perspective of the family and shows how devastating a loved one’s poor choices in life can affect everyone around them.  There are over 2.4 million people incarcerated in the US and that means there are millions of family members…

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  1. Hello Sonniq,
    I am grateful to you for promoting my book. Together maybe we can make a difference with our voices. Most people have no idea about prison, the cost of prisons, the lack of rehabilitation for inmates and how all of it affects the inmate’s family. Some days it feels like an uphill road, but when you care about someone, you never give up.

    You are very gracious and I appreciate it very much. I look forward to when your book is complete. I have had a very steep learning curve, and if there is anything I can help you with from editing to publishing, I would be happy to share what I have learned.

    Take care,

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    1. Yes, there are things I’d like to talk to you about. I equate it with times you go to the doctor to have a procedure done but they never tell you the whole truth? It would be good to talk to someone who has just done what I hope to do. Learning curve? No, I think it akin to climb a mountain in your bare feet! But I am so glad I started the journey!


    2. I started reading your book today and couldn’t put it down. You’ve done a very good job. Well written. Aside from that, reading the early years – I’m at the point of juvy. Sharron, it would floor you to know the parallels in our lives. I felt I was reading my life, even the dragging the family around on the road of a musician, except it was me who was the musician. When my son was 15, after an uptight lesbian guidance counselor told me she thought he looked like a kid who would grow up and kill people I yanked him out of there and put him in a high risk school. When he gained control of how much time he spent in each class and learned at the rate he wanted, he went from D’s and F’s to A’s and B’s and his life became being able to do everything better than anyone. Putting him in that school was the best thing I did. Today he is 38 and at the top of his field. It was heartbreaking realizing that your son ended where he did. I understand the pain of looking at a child, no matter how old, and thinking it’s not possible. It has to be a mistake. But each person carries their own karma – past causes made. Those causes always come to fruition. Yours, mine, our children. (I haven’t mentioned what I’ve gone through with my daughter). We affect our future by the causes we make today. When we change the negatives to positives. These things are what I teach Jamie as he sits in his own prison cell. We should talk.


    3. How have the book sales been? I do still plug it when I can Is there anything else I could do? I would like to talk to you – see what marketing strategy you’re using. And what SM has worked. Something I don’t think I told you unless you read it. On a post. Your son has Hep C. So do I. For 40 years. Drugs. Shooting speed during my very young and invincible years. There are drugs now that cure it I hope to start on soon. I am now 3 years post transplant. They make transplants wait. I hope they make this available for inmates because it’s a big issue inside from all the drug users. If you feel like calling my number is 717-306-8499


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