chad marks,petition for clemency

I’ve written to this man several times. He needs our help. I wouldn’t put this petition here if I didn’t think it was the right thing to do. You can find out more about him here –

And here –

I just signed the petition, “President Barack Obama: Clemency for Chad Marks. Reduce his sentence from 40 years to 17-20..”

I think this is important. Will you sign it, too, and put it out on your own social media sites? Let’s help this man have his sentence reduced to a more reasonable place, at least within the timeline of the sentences the other three people received who were involved in the same crime. He takes responsibility for the mistake he made in his 20’s. Let him have back at least part of his life. Keeping him there until his mid 60’s serves no purpose.

Here’s the link:



3 thoughts on “Please Sign the Petition For Clemency For Chad Marks

    1. the petition is closed??? I’ll write to him and find out what’s up. I saw that I got a fair amount of hits on the posts but it didn’t change. There were only 2 more signatures after mine and then it stopped. You were the only one to tell me this. Did you find out when you tried to sign?


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