I needed to add this one too. It’s time for people to wake up and see what happens to kids when the school system decides they aren’t worth working with. Where will this kid end up? What are his choices when he has been deemed a failure before he even got started.

The #PushBACK Project

It’s difficult to really understand the School to Prison Pipeline if you are only thinking about it in terms of national statistics, mass incarceration rates, or facts and figures.

If the School to Prison Pipeline (STPP) doesn’t impact you directly, then you might have a difficult time understanding the system pushes students out of school and into prison. On the other hand, you might not have heard of the STPP–but if you are a student of color, a student with a disability, an LGBTQIA student, or a parent/guardian of a student with any or multiple of those identities, you probably have felt the effects. You might not understand why, but you know that the education system is not providing what is sorely needed-which is equal access to education.

Let’s take a look at one student and pretend his name is Tim. Tim entered a new school having been kicked out of…

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