…..I was surprised at the end. I didn’t know it was going there. This is the writing of another man in prison, transcribed by his brother. I have met quite a few other bloggers in prison. You can find a few of them on the right in links section for prison blogs.

Fire and Forgiveness

The sun rose, embracing its duty to scorch the high desert between the Humbolt and Trinity Ranges. The leather seats of my dreamed-of ’51 Riley saloon burned as I sat for the short drive to the Senior Center to visit the one who raised me, Hope.

I try to visit her every day and when I can laugh, when the cascading blues part for a period, I am amused to allow her to see me as who she imagines I am. Shifting into third as I enter I-80 at Rye Patch, I wonder if today she will recognize me. Wednesday she knew my name and asked if I finished the book report on Of Mice and Men. I had finished it, before Nixon resigned.

Thursday she was so glad to see “me.” She spoke with great joy of “our” years at Gonzaga. This had happened before so I no longer…

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