I chanced upon your post today. I,too, write a lot about racism and what is happening in our injustice system and the prison system on my main blog. When I started to read this post the first thing I thought was, nothing has changed. This man, Hitler, was supported quite well by the American government because of the profit the corporations could make. Our presidents Bush – the grandfather – Prescott Bush – his bank financed Hitler. Very little was said to the American people until they were forced to.The world hasn’t learned, because it keeps happening. Very easily Hitler could have been an American and we, the people, would have acted just like the Germans, afraid to do what is right for fear of punishment and the rest would gladly, joyfully, join in. People seem to jump on the closest bandwagon and caught up in thoughts and ideas that are pounded into them through the media.

As I read your post, I saw that you brought this into your article. How different is the mindset of the German population who joined right in on persecuting the jews any different than what the police do to the black population here in the states? The bosses – the police chiefs – the judges – condone the behavior of the police and find excuses for them. They get away with ruining people’s lives just because of the hatred for the color of their skin. It has nothing to do with the quality of the people they throw their hate at. Sadly, people are so influenced by the people around them – the husband who has an opinion the wife feels she needs to support and then teach that belief to their children. The religious right who feels they have the right to hate those who don’t believe the way they do and think they have the right to dictate other’s lives, and it goes on and on. Our only small hope for a change in our police, which will not be supported by the corporations who make millions off incarcerating these people, is the the fact that they have gone too far and people are angry – rightly angry. So they will have to throw a few of the police to the wolves to make it look like they are instigating change, because if some of them don’t have to take responsibility for their action, the level of violence is going to escalate. Will it stop the police from what they are doing, and stop the prison guards from the inhumanity they shower on inmates? I doubt it. But they have to at least look like they are taking it seriously while the corporations continue to make money hand over fist. Greed. Power and control over the loss of dignity of life.

People don’t realize how many of the products they buy are made by inmates. Corporations bid on prison labor so they lobby to keep them full. All of that begins in elementary schools where they lock up 6 times more black boys than white boys. It is their future work force. But we have to keep trying to open people’s eyes to the truth – the truth about themselves and how much they turn a blind eye to this because they think it doesn’t affect them. How many German families thought the same thing?

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