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I’ve been worried about him since he told me what the guards did to him. My gut feeling was telling me that mentally he was in trouble. This 3rd time of being put in solitary about 4 months ago was so discouraging for him, feeling as though he’s losing the fight. He lost all the progress he made. I don’t know how this will affect his parole hearing in 2016 because he can’t complete any programs in solitary.

I contacted a man I met a year or so ago, Melvin, who sometimes goes to see him and encourage him. He could easily be his father’s age. Finally, Jamie had a visitor. Melvin changed his plans today and drove to this prison. He called me after and told me how down he was. He is going next weekend, too, and I’m trying to get my daughter to let Melvin take their son in to see his father  It’s been nearly two years since he has seen him.

I could feel Jamie’s depression in his letters. If you haven’t read Jamie’s last letter, you should. A Story About Prison Guard Brutality

I need everyone who has read about Jamie to send him an email. Tell him who you are and tell him to be strong and to keep his eyes on the future or anything else. Let him know there are people who care. Send it to  I will paste these msgs into a jpay email that goes to the prison and he will get them all at once. If any msgs come in later I will send them, too. If you want him to write back to you then add your address, otherwise he will only get whatever name you leave.

This is important. Take a few minutes and do this. Share it if you  can.

From the bottom of my heart – thank you.


9 thoughts on “Jamie Really Needs Your Help – Please

    1. I sent a few off to him yesterday and will send any that come in. I tried once again to get my daughter to relent and take their son to see him. She won’t. Sadly, when we make bad causes there always affects. You may say you reap what you sow. Same thing. You can’t create happiness by causing unhappiness.

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    1. Yes, thanks for the article. People are social animals just like animals. When we are deprived of that we often lose the will to live. We see it often in the elderly. When one loses a spouse the other dies shortly after.


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