taking it back, sonni quick piano music
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WHEN YOU TRY   By Sonni Quick   2015

There are times you feel that all is lost
you don’t know how to find
the hope that slipped right through your hands
somehow you left it all behind
on that day, your causes made demands
you searched through all your thoughts
to bring you back inside yourself
remember how to laugh
remember how it sounds
how it feels upon your face?
make the corners of your mouth
become a smile for hope someday.
how to feel that hope again
it seems so far away
you close your eyes and hold yourself
in your lonely love’s embrace
and you cry, the tears inside
you wonder how you lost your way
you want it back to start again
take back the hope they took away that day
and broke it into tiny pieces
let go the pain that time releases
you are human, too
no one should ever live a life
that no one ever could forgive
disappear from everyone
memory of you fades to none
It’s up to you and no one else
to find the gem that lets you see
you want the life inside your head
trust the words it’s your destiny
think of hope, be truly free
someday you’ll look at what you earned
by understanding life today
lessons given, lessons learned
take back the life they took away.

To hear 14 other improvised piano music pieces by Sonni Quick  go to this music link

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