July 28, 2015

Hello mom,
Good evening little lady. ‘I had to go to the hospital on the 20th. I got a big cut on my foot. They gave me stitches. However they busted open and these folks won’t stitch it back up. They left it open. The 31st is the last day they’ll clean it. Then they’ll leave it open. I need you to call and talk to the head nurse and tell her I need correct medical attention. They don’t want to mess with it because they say it’s in a difficult position. It’s between two toes on my right foot. I’m in pain and I have to deal with it because medical closes at 6:00. Please call. I’ve gotten two cases written up trying to get them to treat me. The roaches are so bad. The run around everywhere. How can I walk around with an open cut?They got me on seven days of food loaf again. These people don’t care about nothing but their checks.

And you are getting ready for your surgery, too. Who am I Kidding? Hell yeah, you are. You know I’m here for you, so don’t worry okay.
Hurricain Carter

On another matter, my visit with Melvin went pretty good. He ordered me a book on Rubin Hurricane Carter. It’s good as far as speaking on the law and the problems he had with them. The way he explains about the system and the officers and it’s pretty much the same as things are in here. He has another book I’d like to read called, “The Eye of The Hurricane. My Pain From Darkness To Freedom”. Also, the assassination of Fred Hampton. I’ve heard a lot of dudes talk about this man. It’s at http://lawrencehillbooks.com

Happy Birthday- Spiderman

I was hoping I’d get to see Jamie on his 9th birthday on the 12th, since it was also a Sunday, but as you know, nothing. I sent him something. I sent him a Spiderman board and it says Happy Birthday. Did anyone send you a photo it? I’m out of paper after this but I get to go to commissary on Thursday.

I gotta go for now. Be sure to get your rest. Love you always. Hugs, hugs and more hugs.

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5 thoughts on “A Busted Foot and Roaches in My Cell. Help!

  1. WAht the heck??! How can someone be left with an open wound? Especially on their foot!!! That sounds horrible. 😦


    1. When I read comments on articles and someone says sarcastically that inmates have it good because they get 3 squares a day and free medical it makes me angry. Medical care at prisons is so shoddy. Inmates die because it’s cheaper and they don’t care. Medical was always bad but when corporations to over they promised the prisons they would save them money. They do that by denying services. And they do nothing for pain except Tylenol and I don’t think he got even that. If you a search at the top of the page on the word ‘ medical ‘ you will read the other things they ‘ve done over the years.

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  2. The story of The Hurricane Carter. Great inspiration.
    I watched the film on Carter – portrayed by my favorite Denzel Washington. I think Jamie would like the story.

    Please convey him my ‘Hello’ from across the seven seas.

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