Hello mom,

July 7, 2015

How are you? Fine I hope. As for me I’m okay. I’m waiting for this lady to come on. So I can send Jamie his birthday present. Wow, 9 years old. Time is flying by fast. I have been away too long and it really hurts bad. I have missed so much of his life. I remember just like it was yesterday. I was in Austin and Megan came to visit. Jamie had just started to walk. We were walking all over the visitation room. I was behind him. He had hold of both my index fingers. We walked everywhere in there. Lol. I loved it. Now he’s fixing to be 9 years old on the 12th, running and jumping everywhere. I just hope he never tells me I’m not his dad. I would lose it.

Yes, you and I are just alike. Crazy as hell. Both of us! We’re not to be messed with!  Also, I completed Melvin’s challenge to chant  nam myoho renge kyo every morning and evening.

August 10

Hello beautiful, I received your letter. So how are you feeling? That was a crazy question. You’re still hurting from the surgery. Give it time, you’ll be fine.

Butternut squash, red bell peppers, onions and raisins. Chicken vegetable soup. Cucumber, tomato and onion salad, with a side of peaches, apples, butter and brown sugar. Hmm, getting sticky are we? lol. I love it, it all sounds good. However you got me with the squash. I don’t eat that. (Sonni’s note: He hasn’t had my squash!) I’ll take a Reese’s peanut Butter Cup instead! speaking of Reese’s, Melvin bought one at our last visit. They was good. They don’t have that at the commissary, only in the vending machines in the visitors room.

Man, wait, you mean to tell me you went out for a massage? What is wrong with Mike’s hands? What is going on with that, that he won’t give you a massage? lol. If there is one thing I know about a woman it is that she likes to get massages. I don’t mean that sexually. I think it’s important to any relationship to have that to look forward to. A lack of these things cause lots of women to feel like their mate has lost interest in them.

Yes, I got everything you sent. I have paper and stamps and I’ve been writing. I’m still on restriction so I’m only able to go to commissary once a month. It is hot 98 degrees, but it feels like 104 or 105. I’ll lay on the floor at night and sometimes during the day. Depends on the roaches.

I tell these people about my foot every day and they still ain’t tryin’ to do shit. these stitches have been in my foot 18 days and they haven’t helped nothing because the wound is still open.

All those weird letters you typed you didn’t take out when you fell asleep when you were typing ym ymymymyyyy …ymmumuuum. I think we both need sleep!

What are the dudes in here for who are around me? They are in for everything. Murder even. I, myself, have run into dudes with the same time and charge as me. They only separate us if they say we are a threat to the officers and other inmates or if they were put on death row.

A long time ago we started sharing our personal lives with each other. If I didn’t have you to care about me I wouldn’t have anyone. Making me think about taking walks or riding bikes to the top of the hill, making me imagine being out of here and somewhere else, has been the one thing that has helped me keep it together. I don’t know if I would have. I know you care about me. And I care about you. I’m not trying to disrespect you and Mike. It’s not like that. I just wanted you to know how much it means to me having your letters to look forward to and having someone who helps me when I need it. It makes me think that someday everything is going to be okay.

jamie cummings

I got the picture you made of me and little Jamie at the same age. We both had a lazy eye at that age. I laughed when I saw it. I laughed hard. The short set I had on was taken the day we were supposed to go to the baseball park and watch the fireworks and we ended up not going. Ain’t that something.

It’s late so I better go. Til next time. Love to you. Get well soon.

(Sonni’s note: It was good to get a letter of just chit chat and not another bad thing that happened. He seems in good spirits) . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world

Sonni Quick piano music complete list

10 thoughts on “The Only Good Things in Prison Are Your Memories

    1. Thanks Stephanae. There are so many kids who have parents in prison. They have to serve the same sentence their parents get. I can’t even process what it does to a child’s mind as they deal with it or dealing with other kids that may have something negative to say about it. Kid’s feel responsible. I don’t know if this true, I haven’t talked to my grandson about it yet, but what if he feels it is his fault. If his mother hadn’t been pregnant with him maybe he wouldn’t have done it, wouldn’t have gone along with his cousin when he wanted to rob the illegal small time gambling hall because he needed the money for the baby. We know we are responsible for our own actions, but kids are not going to reason that way. I’ve been the only one trying to keep the two of them connected, which is hard living in another state.

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      1. Yeah, I hope he (your grandson) doesn’t feel it’s his fault. What a heavy load for a child to carry. It’s wonderful that you are trying to keep the two of them connected. The whole ordeal must be frustrating at times but your passion and love comes through loud and clear in this blog.

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        1. No matter what, when my grandson gets older he can read this blog and all the hundreds of letters I have where his father says over and over how much he loves him and how no one took him to see his father. My children’s father left before my daughter was born – just like my grandson. My daughter was angry at me because she thought it was my fault she didn’t have a father. My son thought life would be perfect if he only had a dad. Since my daughter went through this you would think she’d understand the importance of connecting Jamie and his dad. Now if Jamie Sr had no interest ( her father didn’t) it would be different. She cared enough to get pregnant with him. I think it cruel to make no effort knowing the consequences of separation. She has, in her hands, the ability to help him get through his prison term. She has a man she has lived with for 1 1/2 years she says little Jamie likes but that isn’t his father.

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          1. This is so heartbreaking Sonni. My brother and I had two different fathers and he felt like your son. Me on the other hand, I wasn’t crazy about my father (could be that my mother always talked against him to me). I remember when I was younger thinking that life would be better with a dad (just not my biological father) but when I got into my teen years it just wasn’t that important to me. I had a grandmother that I was crazy about.

            It’s really sad that your daughter knowing how she felt would allow her son to go through this type of ordeal. I think what you’re doing for him is a wonderful gift that he can treasure for the rest of his life. You’ve put so much work into this labor of love.

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            1. Sometimes we have to wait for the results, but I, too, think that one day he will be glad to have these writings, because if my daughter is bad mouthing him, or at least not talking in a positive way, it has to affect him. I want to go to Texas in Nov and take him to see his dad. He said he really wants to go. It will be so good for both of them. My daughter says she’s not going to waste an entire day to go there. “Not for your son?” I asked. “No”. She told me not talk about him to her anymore. So I do what I can.

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      1. Thank you! That picture will move down as I add posts It’s a featured picture for that post. This is the 4th theme I’ve used. It was getting too busy Now the widgets are on the bottom. I do have a few things to fix.

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