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(Sonni’s note: This post needs to go viral. Please share it with your social media. I am contacting every organization I know to help me help him. Prisons deciding not to take care of the inmates, going against doctors who say there is a problem just because they don’t want to pay for it is wrong! They cannot be allowed to deny him a necessary MRI for this reason. Who cares, it’s just an inmate! The corporation that handles medical in that prison needs to cough up the money or I’ll raise all kinds of hell. This shoddy medical care needs to stop. Jamie has been through a lot with his many epileptic seizures in prison and other medical issues. Most all inmates have had a hard time getting treatment. Some people say inmates have it good. The squares a day and free medical care. As long as you only need a band-aid or Tylenol you’re okay.)
Treatment behind bars

Aug 22, 2015
Well hello there mom,

I got your letter today as well as the book you sent the day before. Thank you. I was in the hospital for 4 days, from the 11th to the 15th. I had a bad seizure. MRI machine

However, I received some other news. I was told by 3 different doctors that I might have inflammation around my heart. I was also told there is a thin pocket that holds the heart in place and the pocket I have is swollen. This damn doctor here on this unit is fucking telling me that I’m fine. I feel the pressure on my heart. The doctors at the hospital wanted a MRI done but this fool tells me I don’t need one and that I’m fine. At the hospital they did CT scans and 2 EKG every four hours with me on a heart monitor. The doctor here thinks he knows more than the doctors at the hospital?

(Sonni’s note: Jamie included his hospital band with the names of his doctor but it was removed)

Heart mri gifHere’s my arm band from the hospital (H.M.H.) Huntsville Memorial Hospital. There’s the name of the doctor on the band. Call and ask to speak to her. Try your luck at getting information please. It’s real important. The doctor at the hospital wanted me to go to Galveston to UTMB for the MRI but this fool here at the prison is telling me No because he doesn’t know if they would pay UTMB.

About these doctors at the hospital. She referred me to the cardiology doctor and she told me everything. They need the MRI done because I’m allergic to iodine and they needed to use iodine for contrast when they did the CT scans to get the proper test information they needed. Since they couldn’t use iodine they need to do an MRI. This fool ass Dr Zeon (?) on the unit is only worried about who’s going to pay for it.

Lately I’ve been having these bad cramps and pain in my right leg below the knee. Only when I stand on it does it start to cramping. I don’t know why.

A lot of my stuff wasn’t packed when I went to the hospital. My glasses were left in the cell and they moved someone else in. I asked the dude who’s in there about the dictionary set you got me and he said it’s not in the cell. It’s gone missing. I think he has it. He gave me the puzzle book you ordered for me. I talked to the guards about my missing stuff and they just say, write it up. They don’t like me. I don’t have time for their shit and lies. Stuff like this is why. I’m gone for four days in the hospital and my stuff comes up missing. All my letters from you are everywhere, all mixed up and in a bag.

I will take care, but I want my damn stuff back so no promises LOL! Love you, Son

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