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Jamie Cummings in Prison Whites

Around the heart is a sac called the pericardium. It holds the heart in place. During his 4 day stay at Houston Methodist Hospital, which had to cost fortune, after a bad seizure,it was discovered there was a problem with his heart. The prison usually does very little for his seizures. At most he’ll go to the medical unit and they will test the level of anti-seizure medication in his blood and adjust it, or give him a different unrecognizable one. They don’t tell him much about what they give him. He has often said he feels like a guinea pig.

Because of a possible infection fluid builds up between the two walls in the pericardium, there are a number of different reasons this could happen. The inflammation is red and swollen like what happens to a cut on your finger. The doctors know it is inflamed but they can’t tell the extent of the damage without a CT scan our MRI. The CT scan is useless with using iodine for contrast. He’s allergic to iodine. The prison doctor won’t okay the MRI telling him he’s fine. They also don’t want to pay for it. Prison politics and the medical part of the Prison Industrial Complex. This will not fix itself.

This can be treated with medication in most cases but it takes the willingness to monitor the meds. Left untreated it can the fatal. He could end up needing a catheter inserted to drain the blood and even surgery to remove the pericardium. The pericardium thickens and doesn’t allow the heart to expand and fill with enough blood to pump. Blood can back up behind the heart and then also go into the area of the abdomen. There is pain when breathing. It’s difficult to lay flat and breathe. You have to sit and bend forward to relieve the pressure. Jamie is feeling that pressure – a heaviness on his chest like an elephant. It also causes back pain, shoulder pain, and swelling and pain in the legs from the knees down. He has these symptoms as well. This condition, even with treatment can become chronic. Doing nothing is not an option.

I am gathering ammunition to blast them with. By now, they know, if they are reading his mail, if they think they can blow off treating this they better think again. My grandson is not going to lose his father. Aside from that, this shoddy medical care inmates get has to stop. So many inmates don’t have anyone to go to bat for them. Many die and no fuss is made. Or something bad happens and they get sued. I want them to understand it’s in their best interest to treat him.I need your help. One of the things I’m doing is asking people to call the prison. It would be great to co-ordinate it on the same day but that is to hard to do since people read this a different times. Call the Wynne Unit in Huntsville, Texas. 936-295-9126. Ask to speak to the warden. You will most likely get his secretary. Tell them:

phonecallI understand James Cummings #1368189 is not getting medical treatment for his heart that the cardiologist at Houston Methodist Hospital says he needs. The prison doctor, who isn’t a cardiologist says he doesn’t need it -he’s fine.  I’m calling to make sure this is taken care of. I’ll be calling back.

Ask to be transferred to the medical unit and tell them the same thing. Tell the doctor they take Hippocratic oath that’s states they will do no harm. This is important. Will you do this for him? It will only take minutes. They need to know other people know. My next step are prison reform activists, newspapers and media.

You could also write.  The address is :

Wynne Unit   810 FM 2821   Huntsville, Texas 77349  atten: warden

If you would like to write to Jamie directly, put his name on top with #1368289  B2-1-22. He’s feeling pretty lousy and the heat is unbearable. A get well card would do wonders.

I need to know how many people are helping with this in any way. Please drop a message at and let me know.

So often we see injustice in the world, and although we would like to help, we don’t know what to do.  This is something you <em>can</em> do that will help to change the life of one man and his family and hopefully, in the end, many other people. Only people can make the system change. If we do nothing then we have no right to complain about anything.

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10 thoughts on “Jamie Has Pericarditis. The Prison Doctor Told Him “You’re Fine”

    1. I received a letter from his yesterday. He said they decided to take him to get the MRI after all. He said he thought my calling and letting them know outside people knew made a difference. I don’t know. But they did give him a medical release form to sign so they legally had to talk to me if I called. For whatever reason, they did agree to the test. I will wait to hear from – till Friday – then I’ll call the prison again.

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      1. Wow. Am excited about this news. You should keep pushing. Never stop and I trust one day this that you are doing will go a long way to help him. I have faith and he has faith and you have faith and this faith is all that matters for now…

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        1. I called the prison 2days ago to see if they had any results from the MRI yet but they didn’t so I will have to try again. But yes, it is important to have hope and determination and to never give up.


    1. You are so right about that. Everything goes you’re way if you have money – except that most of us don’t. Fortunately, it isn’t money that makes you happy. Appreciation for life and constantly stretching your brain to learn, and compassion for others – you have that in abundance – and that makes you happy – and rich.


    1. It is frustrating. He didn’t have a medical release form signed so the prison medical unit wouldn’t talk to me. They said he had to request it. I told them it was very important (and I was nice) so they agree to print it out and take it to him. So I’ll try again. I want the name of the cardiologist he saw in the hospital. I need to test results. He said he isn’t feeling gooof.


    1. I think they don’t want to pay period. But his 4days in the hospital with all the tests had to cost a fortune. Tomorrow I contact the hospital. See what I can find out. With a weekend and a holiday today I doubted I’d be able to reach the right person. Today I read through legal stuff to learn about how to file grievances etc.


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