Sept 1, 2015

Hello mom, I’ve been waiting to hear back from you. (Hopefully it just crossed in the mail) I was letting you know about me being in the hospital. I received the books and puzzles you sent. Thank you.

How is the new medication working of for you? (Sonni’s note: I started the new treatment for Hep C, which has me feeling pretty yucky this past month. Two months to go. It’s been hard to write from a fetal position between naps. I haven’t felt like doing much of anything except marathon TV episodes on Netflix where I don’t have to think.) You be careful and take it easy. 96% chance of getting rid of it? That’s a good thing. I hope it helps a lot. You sure don’t want to go through another liver transplant. Rest. It will be over soon.

I’m glad you talked to little Jamie for me. I have to wait till next week to write to him. This is my last stamp until I can get some from the commissary. I want to check up on him and see how his first week of school went. I don’t care what Megan says. She’s not talking about bringing my son to see me so I don’t care what she says. She didn’t have our son without me. I wish she would think of me and what I’m going through. WE have a beautiful son. I wish I could be part of at least a small part of his life. I will be getting out of here someday. She’s going to have to face me sooner or later. I WILL be part of our son’s life.

Don’t worry about my cut foot. Everything is fine. It is finally healing. I’ve been reading the Rubin Carter book -the story about his life in prison. There is so much that went on in prison in the 1950’s with inmates and officers that is still happening today. Is that crazy of what? Why do they let them get away with it? While I’ve been reading the book I’m marking some things he did to help himself. One of the things he did was write a book. I understand now why you want to write a book my experiences with the justice system from a kid on up. I found the notes you sent me and questions I didn’t yet. I have to go over them and put them in order and send it to you. I will work on it today. This book is going to help me in so many ways.

inside the forbidden outside
Inside the Forbidden Outside

(Sonni’s note: I have written quite a bit for “Inside The Forbidden Outside” although I haven’t posted anymore chapters than the ones that are at and those chapters have had additional editing done since they were posted. As this is my first serious attempt at writing a book I do a lot of research learning how to do it right. This book is about Jamie’s life inside. I want to write a sequel about what it takes for an inmate to get his life together when he gets out. I have my work cut out for me, but it’s nothing close to what Jamie will have to do to survive.)

I will write again when I get more stamps. We go to commissary this Thursday. Hygiene products and some food. Since I’m still on restriction they stop me from going to commissary every week. Only once a month. And I now get no fresh air. They did this to keep a lot of the inmates in their cells to drive them crazy or have them want to get sent to another unit.
Health care in prison

They keep me on restriction because they don’t want to let me out of my cell. They don’t want nothing to do with me at all. Yesterday I said my chest was hurting. They told me they were going to take me to medical but they never came to get me. They get away with so much medical negligence. I’m writing them up. I’m going to try to use the system on them the right way. It’s time to stop all foolishness. I will protest and write up them up every time they do me wrong. You have to write 2 grievances for every issue because the first one is always denied. It takes months to do this. Usually nothing is done. It seems pointless to file them. They count on the inmates not doing anything. I know now that I have to voice my opinions about what they are doing because it is something blacks have had to do all their lives. I’m not going to go deep into that right now. I will later, for the posts.

I have to get this into the mail box. I love you mom. Always, son

Get you some rest, okay? . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world

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9 thoughts on “Writing Prison Grievances For Medical Negligence

  1. Hi Sonni,
    My son has Hep C also and I told him to ask for the new medication but they denied it for him.
    I hope you are feeling better and I’m happy your getting treatment.
    The ongoing inadequacy of prison medicine is a disgrace. Only by people writing about it and inmates filing grievances will it ever have a chance to change

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    1. It really is a joke when I hear people make snide comments about inmates getting free medical care. If it can’t be cured with Tylenol forget it. I have another grandson with a father in prison. He has hep C. They use interferon on inmates. It has a higher success rate with infections that aren’t real old but the treatment is hell. The new treatment works best with genotype 1-a and 1-b. Old viruses. Mine is 40 years. If you have good insurance you can usually get approved for 1 pill a day for 24 weeks but it is stupidly expensive. Medicare approves it for 12 weekweeks taken with ribavirin. Shorter time but more side effects. For me 24/7 nausea and extreme fatigue, possibly anemic later. Still, nowhere near as bad as interferon. I thought I’d give you some info. I know hep c is rampant in the prisons. It’s a slow disease. Hopefully your son will be okay to wait until he can get better care and support.Unfortunately their diet is so poor and they don’t get the food they need to keep their liver as healthy as possible.


    2. Life gets so crammed it’s hard to stay in touch with people as often as I was I could. I went to your blog – op2myst – but is not a current one for you. I wanted to ask you how well Waiting on The Outside has done. You are writing another book? I got sick for a few months and couldn’t sit at my computer ( doing much better now) and was finally able to get back to writing and re-writing chapters. The Hep C treatment is working so it’s been worth it. I hope your son can get it. How is he? How much time does he have left? I just posted the first chapter rewrite. I’d really like your opinion if you have time to read it. Do you have my email addy ?


    1. That has a two fold answer. Yes, over the years it has improved a lot. I bought him a dictionary, grammar book and thesaurus, but also I have been correcting some grammar and double negatives and some sentence structure that is confusing.


    1. Yes, you are right about it being hell.Most people don’t understand. Even my son didn’t believe prisons aren’t air conditioned and unsanitary. He said it would be against the law. He didn’t want to believe me. So you know there are many more people who don’t understand the conditions they live in.I’ll be fine. It’s all for a good reason


    1. But progress does get made. Look at what is happening in Ca? All the changes to solitary confinement. Armando Macias, who I have written about is out there in San Quentin and was part of the hunger strike in 2013. So yes, even when you think you can’t affect change we have to keep at it. It will make a difference.


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