This goes along with several recent posts about slavery and the 13th amendment. People need to realize slavery is not a dead issue in America. People just choose to look the other way so they can pretend this is a “Christian” nation. Angola Prison touts itself as a Christian prison with chapels all over the grounds and inmates carrying bibles so they show they comply. . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world

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10 thoughts on “American Slavery, Reinvented

    1. I’ve been reading a lot about slavery and is repercussions today. In many ways things havent changed. Slavery has continued in other arenas. The human condition that allows one human being to market another human is about as low as it can get.

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      1. Yes…did you see the post I wrote about the 1822 uprising in Charleston S.C.?

        The leaders of the community discussed the ‘problem’ of the “African slave” and set out to find ways to make slaves of white labor.

        There are all kinds of ways to make a slave.

        There is something lower than the direct trafficking in slaves and that is purposely placing limits on the dreams and aspirations of the children of the poor so as to make them available as cheap labor when they become adults.

        I think that our private, for profit prison system is part of the ongoing effort to re-establish some form of institutional slavery.

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        1. I agree with totally. It has such far reaching effects. They have removed so many fathers from families keeping families in poverty. I don’t believe this happened by accident. It was well planned and executed. There is little difference between the slaves that worked the fields and the inmate that works the field with overseers on horseback with guns and dogs. I will read your post

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          1. And I’m sure it won’t surprise you that Christian Fundamentalists currently argue that slavery is part of “God’s plan” and cheaper than prison.

            If we let them these people will completely dismantle the civilized world.

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            1. I just put up a post on my watch and whirl blog that has my thoughts about God’s plan. Not on slavery, but other issues. Using “God’s plan” as a reason for anything is just a way of avoiding responsibility for any part of life we don’t want to be responsible for.

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            2. Yes, and sadly there are those who still think we should use it for control. Those who think the laws in the Bible should come before the constitution even though it goes completely against why people left England and first went to Holland and then here- because of England forcing the church on everyone. Each of us has the right to find what is our personal truth and happiness. I don’t think I have the right to force my disbelief of God on people. I have the right to say what I believe as you and others do, but no one has the right to force biblical law on me and there are people who want to do that. They are willing to commit violence in God’s name to do it, too. It is scary the direction we are going in because history is repeating itself – especially in the area of women’s rights.

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            3. History only repeats so far.

              We can’t un-know what w know.

              After we know that what we are doing is morally wrong we will always know it

              What we have let the right do to this nation betrays every principle for which the nation stands.

              We have never been perfect at practicing our principles; but a quick glance at history shows that we did a much better job of it prior to Reagan.

              I know that this observation does not comport with the myth of St. Reagan that has been shoved down our throats by the 24/7 right wing spin machine these past 40 years…but spin isn’t truth.

              Reagan ushered in an era of corruption, open racism, eugenics, the grinding poverty of mental illness and a privatized medical system that will kill its patients for an extra nickel.

              All of the Rupert Murdock owned news channels in the world can’t obviate the inevitability of a clear eyed assessment of this dark period in our nation’s history.

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            4. You are right in everything you say. The fact that there are so many gullible people is alarming. I just read that Murdock bought out National Geographic magazine, one of my husband and my favorite magazine. We will not be renewing because we won’t support anything his hand is in. This means that over time all articles are only going to be what the right wants to promote. That is sad. People won’t see it coming because there will be just enough truth to hide the biases. Magazines are having a hard time so they are caving in to stay afloat.


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