It was said it was beneficial to get rid of the black man because if there were too few to revolt then they would be saved from being caught and tortured – so it was for their own good to be removed – unable to earn a living in a trade a white man would enjoy. The more I learn, the more ashamed of my race I become, because it is these men who destroyed lives. This deep-rooted racism eats away their decency. Their objective is to keep the black man down – remove him from caring for his family.  Continue slavery in the prisons.  How dare the black man assume they are on the same level of intelligence as the white man! So sad that there are still vast numbers of men who still think the same way

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Art by Rob Goldstein

Reflections, Occasioned by the Late Disturbances in Charleston

Denmark Vesey, (1767 – July 2, 1822) was a free black and former slave in Charleston, South Carolina.

Vesey was one of the founders of the AME Church.

Vesey had many followers among the mostly enslaved blacks in the Second Presbyterian Church, which became the independent AME African Church.

The congregation represented more than 10% of the blacks in Charleston.

Vesey compared the freeing of slaves in the South to the story of Exodus.

Vesey gained the support of slaves and free blacks throughout the city and beyond.

Thousands of slaves pledged themselves to the cause.

Vesey and his followers planned to kill white slaveholders throughout the city and liberate the slaves.

One of the slaves who was approached to join the rebellion told his master who informed the Mayor who organized a citizen militia.

Vesey was captured and sentenced to death.

Before his execution…

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