Depression by optiknerve_gr
Depression by optiknerve_gr

This is for every person who has been abused by our justice system.  Every life who has been taken away.  Every family who has been destroyed.  Every child who has lost their parent.  Every parent who has lost their child.  I actually wrote a different post for this music because it makes me angry when people – or corporations – who profess to care about our country but who really do everything they can to line their own pockets and care nothing about the people they destroy.  Enough said.  The information is there for you to find if you choose to find it instead of listening to the choir sing to the choir.  I will continue to try to make a difference and do what I can to help those I can.

I do not “compose” the music I record.  There is no plan.  It is not written down.  I don’t think about it.  I just play it.  My fingers play what I feel.  Everything is improvised.  I couldn’t play it again.  My fingers have a mind of their own.  It is a language. When you speak, do you think about each word and put a sentence together before you speak it?  Do you write down each word so you know what you said?  Can you just make up sentence after sentence because you know the language?  Of course you can.  Most people, when they learn an instrument, they learn through method books that teach them how to read the notes and play it. Just like we learn the alphabet and learn how to make words.  We learn to improvise with those words and it  becomes a language that conveys thoughts and emotions. But most music teachers that are hired only teach their students how to play the written notes written by other people. They don’t learn how to play those notes as a language that conveys how they feel or how they think.

Somewhere during my 54 years of playing the piano, starting at age 7, the piano changed from being an instrument to play, to an instrument that understood what I was feeling and I crawled inside it.  I became a bystander and separated myself from the act of playing the piano and instead listened to the music as it played itself.  What you hear today I can do for hours going up and down the piano keys playing the emotions I feel. If I try to manipulate it, it doesn’t work.  My fingers know the piano keys, like an artist knows his paints and a dancer feels the music and his body know what it can do.  It’s a wonderful feeling.  I also know I haven’t reached the end. I’ve just begun.

Thanks for listening. . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world

Sonni Quick piano music complete list

9 thoughts on ““The Fallen” Piano Music by Sonni Quick


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    1. Who knows, maybe it was me at the piano! lol. I played many piano bars. I’ll post a picture. Where would we be without our memories? One of the advantages age has over youth is having so much to remember. It helps make up for the body falling apart!

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  2. You wrote it perfectly when you said that your fingers know the piano keys like the dancer feels the music:) “The Fallen” is a stunning piece that conveys such hope and strength in the midst of battle and heartbreak. You have a wonderful talent and thank you for being generous and sharing it with us:)

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    1. Thank you. It brings me pleasure to play for others. I spent many of my younger years singing and playing piano in hotels and restaurants as a solo artist and later in a variety of bands. I quit all gigs about 13 years ago. Now I just teach and compose. There is a link at the top of the page that has 19 pieces. The word music is in the link. The posts they are on are scattered all over the blog

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  3. For what it’s worth, my opinion is that this a beautiful piece: wistful and melancholic, then, there in the last 10-20 seconds, it ends hopefully (to my mind) in such a high register, I have trouble hearing it, honestly. Seems to me a great tribute to the idea/theme of displaced people and how lives are torn apart by humans’ insatiable drive for punishment, penance, and revenge. Keep doing what you do, Sonni.

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    1. Leigh, thank you for your kind words. That last notes are played very light, like a balloon going up in the air and disappearing. On the bottom of the page is a link to other music found throughout the blog that are listed in one place. One word you used that aptly describes it – “insatiable”. Need for power is an addiction that is never satisfied. Need for more money goes hand in hand. It is already the destruction of this country. Too many people ignore it and think it will fix itself – sadly.

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