A year ago I read about this. Today I connected to the father in the video. This is one of the worst cases in error of judgement in our court system I have heard. This affects me deeply because I raised a stepson from the age of 2 who was fortunate to get a diagnoses of Aspergers Syndrome at age 3. I understand what the father is talking about when he explains behaviors. It is mind blowing that a judge could criminalize these behaviors that hurt no one. To imprison him with a 45 year sentence, effectively taking away the rest of his life – because he has a brain disorder – is so wrong.

Comment here if you want, But please go to the original site and show your support to the father. And please, post this on your own social media. There are more connections on my site to do this. Help get the word out. He is appealing the sentence. Thank you.

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Press release to Associated Press:
Iowa’s Appeal Court approved a 45 year sentence last Wednesday on October 30, 2015. It’s called the Criminalization of Asperger Syndrome and Mental Illness.

Iowa affirmed Daniel S. Jason’s convictions in the Appellate Court. The Court approved Daniels’s 45 year sentence since he was a habitual offender. The Appellate Judges decided that wearing a shock belt despite being non-violent was irrelevant. There was no consideration that Jason was not even in the state. There was no consideration that Jason is not violent and has never been. There was no consideration of people with Asperger Syndrome being unable to show remorse. Despite the enormous debilitation caused by Asperger Syndrome, the court stated that Daniel has mild autism.
Basically, the Court ruled that Daniel is a smart guy, “with a photographic memory” to boot, whose ASD is of minor significance; and who tried to manipulate the judicial…

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