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Millions of men, women and even young children from neighborhoods and cities all over America, the land of milk and honey, the loving nation that so many say is “One Nation Under God” – who is professed to know your every thought and wants to have a mansion in heaven waiting for you when you die – yes – the people of THAT country, are locked away – out of sight – so you don’t have to even think about them during the time of holidays, while you buy and send the same type Xristmas card every year – and spend 49 cents – and still rising – until all cards become electronic – to send a card and probably only sign your name ( if you are old enough to know how to write in cursive) – Love, so and so, and you’ve done your duty and followed unwritten protocol that it is a must to profess your love for mankind and maybe even go to church – that one time each year you catch up on your going to church duty – and once again you did your loving Xristian duty to pretend you cared about all people by sending these cards to people who might wonder why they didn’t get a card because they sent one to you, although this duty is only done on holidays – but what about the millions of people who are locked away, many of them behind heavy steel doors, inhumanely treated into silence by people who enjoy having the power to do so – inmates who, if they received a card would cherish it while trying to imagine who took the time to care enough to spend 49 cents on a total stranger the rest of the world would rather forget ever existed, or didn’t even think if they existed at all in the first place – the millions of people locked away – some justly – some unjustly – but never the less are still human beings – with broken lives, when most people, even good ( they think) Xristians, in their judgmental way, choose who they believe are good enough to be part of their world, and the rest should be shut out -leave the country – test them – is their faith good enough to be in their presence? do they love God enough? because if they don’t, they no how to treat people who don’t have good Xristian values, and whether you are locked behind a steel door or have your head covered by a simple piece of cloth you aren’t good enough to be in my goddam Xristian country, they think – so children cry and grown men cry because these men didn’t have someone to send THEM a lousy friggin’ Xristmas card, even with only a signature wishing them a happy holiday – a happy what? Christmas, even though being merry or happy was something they weren’t allowed to be and prison guards made sure you were as unhappy as possible 363 days a year because Thanksgiving and Christmas, even though food there could never be mistaken as good, they made a small effort to not starve them on those days – Xristians wouldn’t do that on Xristmas so maybe their Xristianity came out on those days or surely God would be pissed as hell with them, as surely as he will be pissed at you if you are one of the self-centered Xristian Americans who have the audacity to think all Muslims are terrorists as though a Xristian who kill umpteen people at a Planned Parenthood clinic is something different because he was only upholding the righteous word of God, and even though you might say aloud that it was wrong, deep in your heart you are sure he was somehow justified and a part of you is glad he had the conviction to do what he believed was the right thing to do and the bible backs him up – it says so in black and white and every word in the bible is God’s actual words and that is the truth! and he most certainly is NOT a terrorist – and I say – you are most certainly NOT a Christian, for whatever that is worth during this time of another holiday, the one in which we usually express our love for other human beings to the point of spending our hard earned money on them, sometimes buying something -anything – even if it is just a hastily bought store item – nothing personal of course – those things weren’t on sale – just a gift, any gift – because we can’t show up for Xristmas dinner without a gift! to honor the birth of your savior, who didn’t save you from a goddam thing (the proof is in your actions) – not even yourself from your own hypocrisy, playing the game and being grateful you got through another Xristmas albeit a few pounds heavier for all the overeating and drinking you did because after all it IS Xristmas and that is what you do on Xristmas and later you can pay off your credit cards or return the gifts you got and exchange them for what you want instead – oh, the meaning of Xristmas, and the hearts of Americans, has gotten smaller every year and there is no room now in those hearts to care about the human beings locked away in a prison cell or have room to care about people who aren’t exactly like you – and you point at Bible verses that prove – to yourself – that it’s okay to be an ass – Isn’t there an ass in the manger scene with all the white people in it? and it’s easy to talk to your friends and demonize inmates, Muslims, people who need abortions, although you have never done one single, solitary thing for the actual people who were born to the raped, drug addicted, alcoholic, physically and sexually abused, neglected, worn out women who can’t care for a baby, and if they try, do so much harm to the child, who never learns what it means to have a good, loving family, so they end up in juvenile detention which 71% then end up in prison – but they MUST BE BORN! because God says so! – but that doesn’t mean you need to have anything to do with these horrible people who committed a crime because they lashed out at a world that didn’t have Xristmas presents waiting for THEM, because their mother was in prison for buying the drugs she took while she was pregnant and the child was busy trying to defend himself from sexually abusive foster parents who used the money they were given to raise them, on drugs instead of feeding the child who ran away to join a gang because he was looking for a family, and you say, “But he alone chose to commit that crime!” but what do you do when you are a child and you’re hungry, so he was given LWOP – life without parole because of mandatory minimums and you cheered because now you were safe from the monsters who could attack you in your safe neighborhood, safe from the motherless children who grew up and now have tattoos all over their bodies, and are herded into their bathroom-size cells they live in that probably have no windows, and no Xristmas cards, no Xristmas music softly playing in the background, no pretty trees with tinsel and lights and dinner on the table, and you don’t have to even think of them at all because you did your Xristian duty and made sure they were born. You have a clean and loving heart and God must love you very much for this – but if you really think you were born in HIS image then I feel overwhelmingly sorry for you because you missed the entire point of what it was supposed to mean to be a Xristian, and if there is a hell to go to after you die a horrible death for the causes you’ve made – remember, you reap what you sow – then you are lucky, because there is no such place as hell after death, you’ll get to experience it before you die – hell on earth – so remember these things and look at your life and see if you fit in this picture, and above all else:

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P.S. There are also many good people who honestly care about those less fortunate and don’t condemn people for not being like themselves, and who, ridiculously don’t only want to let Muslims into our Xristian (cough) nation unless they are Xristians, which doesn’t make sense, does it, especially if they want them to be Xristians like they are. Pray for the confused because they are the ones more apt to become violent, as we have read recently, and out of fear, have attacked innocent people living in this country. This country is imploding and it is a sad sight indeed. . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world

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