My husband said he couldn’t sleep at all xstmas eve because Santa’s reindeer were all over our roof trying to find a chimney that didn’t exist, so he didn’t get any sleep. But outside the front door Santa left 3 packages wrapped up in typing paper and heavy packing tape – gummy worms, twizzlers and Reese’s Peanut Butter cups.      He lovingly put them under the tree for me and then WOKE ME UP OUT OF A DEAD SLEEP to take me by the hand out to the tree, trying not to laugh! It was so worth it!

It’s almost the ends of the year. So much can happen in such a short period of time. It’s hard to believe is the end of December. For everyone who follows this blog and anyone who drops in from time to time, you have my sincere thanks. It has been what encourages me to keep going.                                                                                                                                                   This isn’t a “happy” blog. There are no happy holidays in prison and no happy birthdays or happy anything – that we take for granted and say so easily without even thinking about it. We say it even when we don’t mean it because it’s just something to say. And the little star you can check to say you like a post, or twitter who just changed their like button to a heart to indicate emotion – you loved it. Believe it or not that is why they changed it. But how do you “like” a blog post if it isn’t about something likable? depressing even. How about a button to indicate if you thought what it said was important?

Here I was today having xstmas with my family, everyone gathered for dinner, with music playing ( not my music because except for my mother, my immediate family has never heard me play in my entire adult life and has shown no interest in doing so) and gifts given out. My mother didn’t want me to talk about anything of importance to me, just play along and pretend we’re a happy family. So I did. That kinda takes the subject down to other people’s jobs or the weather.

I couldn’t talk about what I do. Too depressing for family gatherings, although I don’t see them at any other time except a very occasional family gathering. Tomorrow everyone is driving to one sister’s house to have xstmas with her family, but I wasn’t invited to that gathering. Anyone else have a dysfunctional family? It really sucks. But oh well, that’s life. Overall, I think my mother was happy and that was most important. She put a lot of effort into making food.

So tomorrow I will do what I always do – start working when I wake until I fall asleep at the computer in the middle of the night, working on a new chapter for my book, or finishing another piece of music and poetry, working on all the necessary, time consuming social networking, letter writing to all my “boys” in prison with words of encouragement, and maybe(?) do a load of laundry.

Other people who haven’t been to my blogs can find my music at that website by using the hash tags #piano music or #original piano or #improvisational piano, so it widens my reach. But if YOU go it also increases the stats. Leave a comment? Even better. People listen to things they see other people have listened to. They can also find out about the blog there. Self promoting is hard work. There are also many other artists there and you can create playlists. Established artists and unknowns.

Peace and love and I hope you have happy holidays to remember. . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world
Original Improvised Piano Music

11 thoughts on “There Are No Happy Holidays in Prison

  1. Sad to know. I too think about Jamie sometimes. Here in India, there is often this practice granted to prisoners, that their term shall be reduced, depending on ‘good behavior.’ However in a situation where Jamie is stuck up, there isn’t even hope for that. I don’t know how your daughter copes us with that. I wish peace and hope to you and the whole family. God bless 🙂

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    1. My daughter went on with her life. It was too long to wait. It will be interesting, though, when he gets out, to see what happens.

      Some states pay inmates small amounts of money to work. .29 and hour up to $2 fort highly specialized trades. Texas pays zero because they say the credit good time to their sentence. Only thing, they always find a way to take the good time away by saying he disobeyed one of their rules. So you can’t win. But another thing – many of the states that pay also charge for room and board so when you leave you can get a bill for many thousands of dollars. If you don’t pay it, they pick you up and incarcerate you again as a debtor. Most people can’t pay it because they are trying to get their life together so it hurts their ability to be able to get phones or a lease on an apartment, etc. Can’t win for losing.


  2. God bless you ! Stay strong… God will help your through difficult times when you feel like no one understand you. I hope you have a great new year and keep your head up.

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    1. That you for your kind words – but I must tell you. I am Buddhist, I don’t believe in an outside being who helps me through difficult times. I feel that strength comes from within, not outside yourself. But the holidays can be a difficult time for anyone who is any kind of prison where there are people who do their best to make your life as miserable as possible. I know it is a difficult time for many inmates, especially those who have no family. And those, like myself, who have family, it is amazing that all of them profess to be Christians yet when it comes to actually living life with the lessons that should have been learned through the Bible – it isn’t put into practice by most. Many people say they are Christian, but they don’t practice it. By no means am I saying that is you. I wish you a great coming year as well.

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        1. The wonderful part of being human is that we are all individuals If we can respect each others choices instead of insisting be like we are we could be a community that gets along It is said when there is so much disrespect and name calling and we see so much of it. If you are happy with yourself and your life and your faith brings you peace and gives your life meaning then who can tell you that your wrong? Just keep that smile on your face!

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  3. Yes,it is hard to press the “like” button for something as disheartening and crippling as having one’s life taken away..I hope Jamie gets my was tough to find one sans glitter and one that sounded sober enough without being over the top..these birthday cards here are too peppy and full of unnecessarily good cheer..I wish there was a button on WordPress that just expressed solidarity too,rather than only like.I admire you very much..I hope the day is not far when you can give Jamie that hug,and I hope all the days of 2016 fill you with hope and determination and eventually success in attaining what is so close to your heart,when Jamie can finally be with Jamie Jr.

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    1. Thank you so much . . . Yes, sometimes cards can be too peppy but then I realized that maybe he will at least get a laugh. I will let you know what he says. Because he won’t know the postage, and I don’t know if he can send out of the country, I am sure he will write to me. The main thing is that he knows there are people who know and understand so when it gets tough, he will remember those things.


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