This is a reblog of the forward to the book. I separated it from the first chapter

Dear Jamie,

My Name is Maesha. I’m a Canadian and I live in Toronto, Ontario. I’ve just recently ‘met’ your ‘mom’ Sonni online through blogging. I have to tell you that immediately I felt her deep and loving kindred spirit. It’s easy to see that she loves you a great deal. The effort she is making to bring your story to others is inspiring and noble. I wish you could see it. What she is doing would give you so much hope!

I can’t say I’m enjoying reading about the experience you are having in life, where you are at this very moment. My world was so vastly different than yours, so much so that I have a difficult time understanding sometimes. It does make me sad. It’s difficult to learn what I’m learning about the system. And when Sonni writes a post, I feel your pain.

There’s a part of me that hopes that by taking on some of that sorrow less of it will find its way to you. Sonni is doing that for you. You may not see her directly, but she is your very own tiny piece of heaven.

Jamie, you are still a young man. And when you get out, you will still be young enough with a lot of time to bring to the world all the beautiful human worth you possess. There are sources of strength deep within you. You are a survivor. I suppose we are all survivors in some capacity. We must continuously search for strength and the courage to go on, to become stronger and stronger.

Sending strength and hope, with a side dish of love.


Everyday Dreams
I Love You Always, Daddy

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8 thoughts on “Inside The Forbidden Outside – “A Message From Someone who Cares”

  1. Not long into the book,already has sucked me into Jamie’s world.This too is my son’s world and I would like the world to know how unjust America’s judicial system is toward African-American men and how braising they used slavery them for long unjust sentences.

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    1. I’m sorry you have had to go through this. It’s such an ugly part of our history that got worse instead of better. The attitude that pervades so many people day – still – that somsonme people are better than others simply by the color of their skin goes against what other people say when they foolishly say how great this country is. Great for whom? Is it great when so many people are used simply for profit? I knew nothing beffore, but when I learned -and kept learning, it never stopped. I had to DO something even though I wasn’t trained to do anything. So I started writing. What you have read of the book I’m writing is just the earliest first draft. There are probably about 8 chapters online. If you put the title in the search bar you can pull up the rest. I am now doing the first edit and reading the manuscript hard copy. Then ill pay a real editor to make it make sense. It’s been a long project taken from hundreds of letters. I started a newsletter last year called ITFO ( from the book). Each issue is about different aspects of prison. I alsotake other people’s storiesif they like to write. The most recent post is issue #8. Among other reasons I wanted to have a place to keep people up on the book and having a mailing list is crucial to is success. Those on the making list will be able to download the book for free when it is ready. I do an issue about once a month so I don’t inundate your email box. I hate that when it happens to me. At the top of the newsletter is a subscribe button and also an archive button to see others. I can’t express how touched I was by your comment. It keeps me encouraged to keep going. If you are on facebook, at the bottom, you’ll see the page dedicated to him – jamielifeinprison The little boy at the top of the page is his son – my grandson, born after he was incarcerated. He has never touched him because he’s kept in ad seg. I’m writing a letter to Jamie right now. I’ll send him your comment.if you’d like to write to him let me know.


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