death penalty

Source: The Death Penalty: Myths & Realities: Quick Answers to Common Questions

“Myths and Realities” provides ‘quick answers to common questions’ about the death penalty … The booklet is interactive in format – allowing readers to read the myth and turn over a flap to discover the reality. We hope it will be a useful guide for activists and advocates of abolition, giving them the arguments they need to tackle common pre- and misconceptions.” Some of the 13 realities to the myths are: the death penalty doesn’t keep people safer than other sentences; you can never be 100% sure you’re killing the right person; nobody can say who deserves to die; the death penalty is not applied fairly–people who are poor, mentally challenges, or from a minority are more likely to get a death sentence; the majority of the public do not want the death penalty; and one is not “soft on crime” if they oppose capital punishment– the harshest sentence isn’t the same as an effective response to crime.

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Many people have their own ideas of what they think the death penalty is.  It should be abolished – again – because if you put to death someone who is innocent it is a crime against all humanity, and it definitely does happen.  Also because severe and inhumane suffering when it doesn’t work.  We have all heard of those times.  The death penalty makes us no better than the person we want to kill. Yes, family is angry.  Yes, maybe he did do some horrendous, but yes, maybe we are killing the wrong person. . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world

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