I’ve written about Rikers Island before. Most people were unaware of it before young Kalief Browder committed suicide after belong locked up in solitary confinement for 3 years without ever going to trial because he was accused of stealing a back pack he didn’t steal. His family couldn’t afford to pay the bail to get him out.He was told if he just pled guilty he could get out. He was 16 and wanted to go to college. He would be able to do that if he was a felon. Please read this article and go to the links and learn. Share this article. These abuses don’t only happen at Rikers, they happen everywhere, and in the US it is predominantly people of color. You don’t have to commit a crime to get caught up in our system of “justice”,and the practice of holding people in jail for years while they are “innocent until proven guilty” because the people brining arrested are low income and can’t pay basil is horrendous. This allows the prison industrial corporations to make a fortune off the backs of many innocent people as well as those who are guilty

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