turn back timeThis post was a challenge from the blog, The Daily Post, If I Could Turn Back Time asking people to write a post about the subject. Because I write about Jamie Cummings, who has been at Huntsville Prison in Texas – and other prisons around the state.  Maybe it doesn’t seem like it, but the law of cause and effect is very strict. Make a cause – get an effect. Sometimes the root cause goes back further than you can consciously remember, but you are ultimately responsible for everything that happens in your life. I think everyone at different times has wished they could go back and do something different but there are no do-overs. All anyone can do is try to learn from their mistakes and not make them again.

This time of year is a hard for Jamie. So much happens so close together. Christmas, New years and Jamie’s birthday; holidays that are usually celebrated with family. He had only one wish, the same one he has had every year; to see his son. Children with parents in prison is difficult for both of them.

Jamie knows it won’t happen, but still he wishes. There are complications in the family of my daughter, so it doesn’t happen. How hard it must be to have a son you have only seen a few times through glass during the ten years of his life. So both father and son lose together.

I do want to thank those who sent Jamie cards and words of encouragement this year. I hope you know how much it means to him and also to me. When mail is the high point of your day and there is a piece of mail from someone, it makes their day.

I wrote this poem for Jamie, from his point of view.


If I could turn back time

would I see color in my mirror?

In my reflection I’d see blue and green

and patterns with bold stripes.

I could wear anything I wanted

something more than only whites

If I could turn back time

I’d smell food cook in the kitchen

I would taste and eat my favorite food

I could eat a piece of pie,

a second piece, if I’m in the mood

and love the sound of mama bitchin’

If I could turn back time

I could see the sky, big and blue

and feel the air as I turn around

See my son throw a ball

Watch him run, laugh and call,

“Dad, I really love you”

If I could turn back time

I wouldn’t be alone like this

wondering how your skin would feel

not remembering your kiss.

If I knew then what I know now

be careful, think, every decision

could lead to this, a hateful prison

There is no love and no color

no skin to touch, just another

memory of my life before this

If I could only turn back time

I wrote a piece of music for this poem and you can find it here by the same title. If you click on my picture it will bring the entire list of recordings. Each of them are also on different blog posts. Each one has a meaning.

http://facebook.com/jamielifeinprison . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world

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