Please, please, bear with me.  Now you get to see what I look like and what a silly look on my face for this first video. I really don’t know what I am doing yet when it comes to making a video just sitting in front of my lap top screen. Hopefully I’ll get better!

My goal is to get this story and information about the book I’m writing for Jamie, and my music out in the universe.  In order for any of it to be successful I need to create as much interest as possible.  I can’t wait for someone to do it for me, I need to grab the bull by the horns and make it happen.  It would help tremendously if the people who have been following this blog and any others who chance upon it through search engines, which is a bulk of those who come here, would please subscribe and share it.  Anyone who has a pointers for me or any constructive criticism about anything, please don’t hesitate.  Unless, you call me names, you can’t hurt my feelings (smile).

In the background,  is a piano piece is playing that I recorded.  It is because of Jamie that I started writing music again.  I had lost the desire to write some years back, because I didn’t have a reason to write anymore.  Where was I going to play it? I wasn’t actively playing gigs so I also didn’t think I had the right to call myself a musician anymore.  I hurt my vocal cords and lost the ability to sing.  I sounded like Rod Stewart chewing on egg shells that got stuck in my throat, instead of a soprano.  I lost half my abilities.  I couldn’t play and sing.  I didn’t know how to just play the piano without singing.  My ego was too big to want to just be someone’s side man, I was the front person. So I quit.  That was a bad decision. My identity was lost.  I didn’t know who I was. If you have a profession and that is who you are, you will understand that. Most people I know who are in the arts, their craft isn’t just a job or career – it is their life.  I lost that.  Through Jamie, I got it back, and it had changed.  I no longer thought that someday, if I played my cards right I could be well known and make a lot of money with my music.  How immature that is. It didn’t matter any more.  I only wanted to play the music that represented the emotions I was feeling.  I really don’t listen while I play and I usually wait a few days before I play it back and I seldom even recognize it.   I listen to it like a new person hearing it for the first time.  I’m usually surprised.  Now when I write it is for the pure love creating music.  I didn’t matter if it made me famous.  I was making music now for the right reasons.  Even with all the mistakes that are recorded, it didn’t matter – and nothing is recorded twice.  Mistakes are part of the sound. This is what knowing Jamie has done for me.

The more time that goes by the more I understand the relationship Jamie and I have and the importance of telling his story.  I would do anything I could for him. Without the people who have read his letters and encouraged him, and without the people who have encouraged me to keep writing, I think his story, right now, would be a lot different than it is.  And it isn’t because things are going so well for him, because they aren’t, but because one day he will be able to look back on this and realize the effect it has had on him and how it made him a different person.  At least that is what I see.  It will be up to him what kind of life he has when he gets out.

I will keep plugging away and see where all of this takes us.  Thanks for coming along on the ride.  Thanks for helping me help change the world.  So until next time – many thanks!   Sonni . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world

Click on my face to bring up all 11 music pieces. Use headphones to listen in you can or you lose the richness of the piano tones.

2 thoughts on “Jamie Cummings Prison Story- My first video

  1. Hey Sonni, it was not at all boring, like you said in the first few lines. For people like me who closely follow your blog, but haven’t met you in person, this video is a nice tool to hear these words from you directly. And the next time you write to Jamie, please convey greetings from me and my family too. He has more friends outside, than he think. 🙂

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    1. Thank you. I sent him a letter last night and I told him that. Someday he’ll get a chance to read all this for himself and lately I’ve been paying comments into one letter and sending them to him. I will be sure to send this to him. As for the video – I’m researching how to make them better. This one was to blurry. I also need to develop a plan of what to do in what order. This one I just winged it.

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