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I know there are people who are writing to Jamie and I’m afraid that if you sent a letter to him by snail mail, it will probably be returned to you.  I sent a Christmas card to an inmate and I got it back with a stamp that said “transferred”, and I have no idea how to reach him now, unless he writes again.  This wasn’t the same prison so I don’t know if it is standard policy to return them or discard them. If you wrote to Jamie through Jpay he will get it, because that is sent by his inmate number and it goes to where ever he is.

I got a letter today postmarked on January 11.  His birthday was January 10.  I had asked people to send birthday cards and I am afraid he might not have gotten them.  He won’t even know they were sent.

I tried to call the prison today and talk to the property manager (she wasn’t there).  They wouldn’t let him take any of his  property to this new place, so I am trying to make sure they send it. When he was moved to the prison he was just in the guards kept things they wanted for themselves. He doesn’t have any of the letters he’d been saving, so he also doesn’t have the addresses memorized.  Fortunately he remembered mine and another inmate gave him a stamp.  but to not have his letters -that is his life.  I also had just sent him 30 books last month.  As I mentioned in my last post there is a used book store that is approved to send books to prisons and I can purchase book lots for $38, and there are also lots of 3 and they have free shipping, if anyone would like to send him any books, or puzzle books.  Anything to help pass the time.  This used book store is a lot cheaper than buying new books at Amazon.  Individuals can’t send books.  It has to come from a business, because there would be some people who would try to put things inside the books.  The prison also kept his ID so he can’t go to the commissary and buy stamps – they kept all his stamps and the hygiene products he bought last month.  They kept all of his pictures of his son.  I can at least send him copies of the ones I had sent him and I have copies of all his letters and mine, but letters are different for inmates than they are for most people.  You have no idea how many times letters get read and reread.  He also had other books than the ones I had sent him last month, that are his collection of favorites, and also study books – his GED book, his dictionary and thesaurus, and grammar book and world almanac.  Can you imagine fitting your entire life in a small locker that gets moved around with you.

He said they will lie and say they sent it and throw away the things nobody else wants and I have to make sure they won’t do that.  So I will try again tomorrow.

I will part of this last letter, so you can see otherwise, how he is doing.  His new address is

James Cummings #1368189  F-Pod-84 cell, . . . . . Allred Unit . . . . . 2101 FM 369 North . . .  Iowa Park, Tx. 76367

I have no clue where Iowa Park is yet except he said it was in North Texas

http://facebook.com/jamielifeinprison . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world

14 thoughts on “Jamie Was Moved To Another Prison

  1. Hey Sonni, it’s been a while since I’ve stopped by and I’m so sorry I missed Jamie’s birthday. Wow as I was reading this my blood was boiling. How can the prison just take an inmates personal belongings? I mean stuff like pictures, letters, cards, things that cannot be replaced. Is there something I’m missing? Thanks for the address I’ll send him a belated birthday card. How are you?

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    1. Thanks Stephanae, I’m sure he’d love it. It won’t matter if it’s late, it’s being remembered that means the most. I just received a letter after he was moved but I have another to finish first. I think he is actually at least an hour closer to my daughter so my fingers are crossed that she will take their son to see him.

      When he was moved to the last prison he didn’t get everything. Guards or other staff took thinks. I had just bought him a book lot of 30 used books so we’ll see what arrives. Guards retaliate. All they have to do is deny it. Have you seen any of the chapters I put up of the book I’m writing? If you do, any suggestions or critique is more than welcome. It sure is hard to keep up with everyone, isn’t it? Take care!


      1. I haven’t seen any of the chapters to your book, I’ll have to check them out. Keeping up is a daily challenge but I finished my goals yesterday and I’m hoping they will help me maintain a schedule to be able to get a little better at making contact with people.we have a nasty nor’easter headed our way so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get the card tomorrow but it will be within the next couple days.

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        1. We have one headed here, too. I live in Pa. As for the chapters – if you scroll down you’ll see “Inside The Forbidden Outside” One is a Forward, chapter one is “Everyday Dreams” then “I love you Always, Daddy” Each chapter has the other links on the bottom. It’s hard to do your own writing and stay up with everything. I spend most of my day typing or writing music. But I love it!


          1. You know what I thought you lived in PA but I just couldn’t remember I’m here as well. I’m just outside of Pittsburgh and the weather maps they’ve been showing it really looks to me like the storm may miss us but you never know.

            I hear you on the writing and trying to keep up with everything else. Most days I love it until I forget why I do it and once I re-focus it’s okay once again. Do you use Google+? The reason I ask is that I’ve seen writers use that as a forum for feedback and it seems to be very useful in getting honest, impartial feedback.

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            1. Everything I post automatically gets posted G plus and I go once in awhile, but I spend more time on the facebook page that goes with the blog although I post a lot of other articles I find there, too. And then there is twitter, which I am trying to pay more attention to. I post to tumbler but I rarely go. I only get 8 or 10 referrals from there each month. Stumbleupon I usually get 3-400 a month but I don’t spend time there.. It’s great for traffic that doesn’t stop. It works different from other social media. Posts keep getting stumbled. As I work on the book I need to get more and more people on the email list. They are the first line of contacts. But also, if I don’t stay in contact with bloggers I’m shooting myself in the foot because they know me best and help get it out there.

              We got a little snow so far so well see what it does tonight. The store was crazy busy. Even the cashier was dumbfounded. Busier than July 4th. Everyone was stocking up like we were going to get 10 ft! Gas station, too.

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            2. Same as you I’m set up to automatically post to G+ and others but I recently scaled back to focus on specific social media platforms with wordpress being #1 b/c as you say engaging with other bloggers is critical. I’ve been reading about using Redditt as a tool for feedback (maybe that might be a viable option for your book). I’m trying to get better at Twitter but it’s just so noisy I find it hard to focus. I am looking more at analytics to determine what to keep or get rid of, it’s such a balancing act but it sounds like you’re doing all the right things.

              Out snow began almost down to the minute at 6 last evening and it took next to no time for the roads to become horrendous I think mainly due to the cold and snow freezing on the surface. Our Giant Eagle grocery store was an absolute madhouse. Stay warm.

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            3. We are buried in snow and it’s still coming down! Oh well, we’ve been lucky so far this year so I guess it saved itself up so it could dump it all at once!

              I’ve been wanting to try Reddit. I know it’s set up different, but I haven’t had time. I, too, have the same issues with twitter. I think people often read headlines and if it looks interesting they retweet it without really reading it. I think if twitter was the only thing you did and you weren’t writing the posts, too, it would be different. I know a lot of authors post their books so for me it’s just another avenue. A friend of mine told me he had 14,000 followers, separated into different subjects. You know he can’t keep up with that many people so what is he doing it for? Next time I see him I’ll ask. I worked hard to get the followers I have and most of them are dead. Or people I follow who haven’t posted anything in 6 months. People try it for awhile and quit so I’m looking to see how many are useless numbers. If they aren’t active what’s the point of a number unless you think it makes you look popular. In the last 2 months I’ve had 18 referrals only from twitter, so I’m see in if I pay more attention, will it improve. You are like me – you are paying attention to how to improve your numbers and make it better. That takes time. I wish I could hire someone to do the dirty work so I can just write!

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            4. Oh my goodness!! Well you be safe. The snow stopped coming down here this morning but out roads were atrocious.

              Yeah I haven’t had time to delve into Reddit honestly I’m not sure I will at least in the short term I now I won’t. You are right about the thousands and thousands of followers. I know a lot of people use tools like Buffer to automatically send out Tweets but in my opinion it’s too automated. I mean how do you really get to know people? But I guess for many it’s about the money and the numbers. I’d rather work on relationships but we’ll see.

              For my blog I began keeping an excel spreadsheet of all my followers (active and inactive) so that I can know where to focus my energies. Color coding the cells makes it easy to do this otherwise I’d lose my mind. There are a number of bloggers that I’ve become attached to and I don’t want to lose contact and these are the people who I believe will be around for a long time.

              I’ve been thinking about seeking some volunteer assistance to help out. I did create a group on FB of women who I feature on the blog as we have the same mission so there might be some opportunities there.

              Back to Twitter for a minute though, it does help to have lists and break out followers per each list (they can be members of one or multiple lists). This way makes the news feed a little more manageable.

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            5. Snow is still coming down pretty hard here. My husband said there were 2 fronts and the 2nd one might have missed you. It predicted that it would start slowing down about now and there is a lot of snow out there. It’s hard to tell because of the drifts.I agree about losing track of people and I haven’t had any system to keep track of them. I look at my blog list and see who I haven’t talked to lately and go to their blog. Sometimes I don’t follow a blog back, if I’m not interested or it looks like they are just fishing to find people to sell things to, but there are a lot of good blogs out there and I could spend all day reading. And yes, it is the relationships you develop that make it worthwhile.

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            6. I just got someone following me who write these 21 page books that has her view of what life is and how to ffix your problems by getting rid of the ego gods who rule your life. I kid you not. Her site was about selling you her books. She didn’t write posts, it was all advertising about how good she was (maybe a bit too much ego?) So I bet she was just going around following people’s blogs to get them to come take a look at what she has. She won’t last long doing that. I’ll be she does it at other blog sites as well. It’s her advertising.

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            7. Your last 2 comments – they are gone. Yes, I checked her out, too. Still, what she’s doing is wrong. She is spamming people. She isn’t liking blogs because she “likes” them. She’s doing because she wants to sell her books. This ticks me off. She well hear from me and I will report her for spam. Can you imagine how many times she’s done this? BTW we got 2ft of snow and drifts more than twice that. I haven’t seen this much snow in a long time!

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            8. Thank you and I agree. I felt weird when I first came across it but I thought I was being judgmental so I am glad that you confirmed my initial feelings.

              Wow 2 feet of snow?? That’s insane. My son kept telling me that the Farmer’s Almanac was saying that we’re in for a rough winter.

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