…… There is a very high percentage of inmates who are mentally Ill.The story of this man’s sonwho got 45 years with no possibility of parole because he exhibited the signs of his illness -Asperger’s Syndrome – and committed no crime, is beyond acceptable. The judge wouldn’t allow testimony to be given that explained what this illness is. His life now is ruined. This happens so often. Most of the inmates in solitary confinement have a mental illness. There are so many changes needed in our criminal injustice system. Criminalization of mental illness should be a crime itself.


Regarding: I provided testimony to the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee-Daniel S. Jason and a 45 year sentence with no parole

Executive Director:Mary Gilberti

CC: Ron Honberg:

Your silence is deafening in the matter of my son.  His case affects every non-violent person who has been Criminalized for Mental Illness and Asperger Syndrome.  I just provided testimony to Washington. See the link below.   You should be providing testimony to Washington regarding my son.  It involves serious constitutional issues.  You should have written an Amici Curiae(friend of the court brief) from NAMI.  In my opinion, the  National NAMI organization has a history of being impotent, gutless and lacks real  leadership.

My non-violent son has been sentenced to 45 years in prison. He has already been in jail and prisons since 2007.   The Judge recommended he be given no parole.  This is for two voice messages and 16 emails in 2012. …

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3 thoughts on “I provided testimony to the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee-Daniel S. Jason and a 45 year sentence with no parole

    1. I raised a boy with Aspergers from age 3 to 13. He’s 29 now. Fortunately he got a diagnoses very young and we got him the right help he needed. I was still doubtful that he would be able to live on his own and this year he now has his own place. His quirks he turned to a living and his father supported him in the things he wanted to do.( he has worked with the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Las Vegas for about 8 years ) If he got punished for everything he did that wasn’t “normal” he would have been traumatized and made to feel as though he was “ill”. for this man’s son to be in prison for exhibiting the mannerisms and thought processes of those with autism is horrible. That the judge allowed it proceed under those circumstances makes it worse.

      ( I was going to email you. I’m still going to. Life got overwhelming. thanks for your patience.)

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